Living Room Inspirations


I mentioned in this post that we sold our 1st home to move into my dads house for a while until we find our perfect house.
We are so lucky that he has more than enough space for our family that will soon be 5 plus a dog.
Not only will we still all have our own rooms (with the exception of the girls sharing which they already do in our current home) we also have a living room that my dad has given us to use and design to our taste. I've been spending way too many hours browsing and pinning on Pinterest inspirations for our new living room. The middle of our new living room has an old brick fireplace so I wanted to stick with a more timeless theme for the room that will never be outdated.




I've been loving the Gold trend lately that is showing up everywhere.
I want lots of gold Frames and Accents in our new Living Room. I also love mixing textures and patterns - leathers with fabrics. I like the idea of an ottoman instead of a coffee table - especially when we will have 3 little ones under age 5 running around. I am also thinking of the layering of mirrors on a mantel.


  1. Such beautiful rooms! Everything is great. They all scream "down home feel" especially the wall paint and furniture!

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