Mommy Crush

When I was thirteen I remember one of my favourite things to do was go to the mall or movies with friends and crush on cute guys. We would put on our lipgloss and tightest jeans and try to find ways to talk to them {usually the more outgoing friend of the group would yell "we think your cute" while the other group of girls blushed in embarasment and if we were lucky we might get there msn messenger contact.
{remember msn guys?}
I met my husband 3 years after my innocent crushing days at age 16.
Fast forward 7 years and I am crushing all over again - this time a new kind of crush.
Mommy Crushes.
When I became pregnant with my first child at age 19 I knew my life was about to change forever.
I knew it would change but I also vowed that I wouldn't lose any friends because of this life changing experience.
I had no idea how much my life was about to change until our daughter entered this world.
Suddenly I was one of "those" moms who basically forgot how to talk to other people without using "mommy words"
{breastfeeding, poop, colic, fussy, milestone etc.}
Mama instincts kicked in and I knew I couldn't be doing the things other 20 year olds were doing as I had a huge responsibility.
This unfortunately meant losing quite a few friends that first year of being a mom.
Enter the "Mommy Crush".
What is a Mommy Crush exactly?
It's not sexual but it is deffintily an attraction {mixed with a bit of envy and admiration} of another mom.
You know - a crush on one of those moms who you look at and think
"How the hell does she leave the house with 2 fashionable well behaved kids looking amazing herself" kind of moms.
In that first year of being a mom I found myself feeling somewhat "alone".
I craved conversation with other moms the way I craved Harvey's Poutine while I was pregnant.
I remember going out to the mall  or park with my daughter in the stroller in hopes there would be another mama there who maybe had the same parenting views as I did or dressed their daughter the same way I would dress mine.
Someone I could talk to who would understand being excited that baby converse shoes were 50% off.
It's a funny thing becoming a mom.
You crave someone else to talk to about all things "mommy".
You also crave to be inspired by other moms.
To find a mom who inspires you to get out of that spit-up stained track suit and messy bun and get your ass out of bed and head to a mommy and baby movie date.
Mommy Crushes help you remember that once you become a mom your identity isn't lost - it just changes and you can still be beautiful and fun while talking about dirty diapers.
Look around next time your out at a mall or a park.
Mommy Crushes are happening everywhere.
It looks a lot like a guy picking up a girl at a bar with a one liner like
"Have I seen you before?"
Moms have pick up lines too like
"How old is your little one?"
"I love your daughters hat...where did you get that?"
These are all opening lines in hopes of gaining a new Mama friend.
Someone you can share poop stories with, someone who understands why your running half an hour late and show up with spaghetti sauce all over your t-shirt.
I  may have closed a chapter in my life and lost a few friends when becoming a mom but I was also lucky enough to meet a couple of Mommy Crushes who have become life long mommy friends.

My current Mommy Crush - Miranda Kerr


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