My Smart Hands - Baby Sign App Review

I am currently on maternity leave until May but when I am not on maternity leave I work in a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. A few of the individuals I work with are unable to communicate through speech and can only communicate using sign language. Unfortunately, I do not know ASL (American Sign Language). There has been a few times when these individuals reached out to me using sign and I couldn't help them because I couldn't understand Sign. I have said on more than one occasion I wish there was a simple app that I could use to learn sign.
When our second daughter Audrey was around 10 months old I started hearing a lot about baby sign language. Every mom with a baby seemed to be talking about it. I wanted to try it with Audrey but thought it was too late as she was already saying some words. When I became pregnant with Luca I started looking into baby sign language again and came across Laura Berg on Twitter. Laura is the creator of My Smart Hands - a program to help parents teach their children ASL and communicate with their children before they can even talk. I had the opportunity to Review her app for the IPad or IPhone and jumped right on it. The App is amazing. I wish I had heard of it when I was working. It is very simple and user friendly and I can't wait to start using it with Luca in a few months. It is basically a dictionary of words and when you click on the word a video pops up showing you not only the sign but how to do them and remember them. It is organized either in alphabetical order or in categories. There is also an option to save your favourite words for easier access.
The app is $2.99 in ITunes but I am giving away the app for free to 2 lucky readers.

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  1. Great post! I love it:)

    Win a pair of sunglasses:

  2. I absolutly love the concept behind baby signing. I used it with my first son and definitly plan to with my second :)


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