Preparing for Kindergarten

In 2 short weeks our oldest daughter Emma will be going into her first year of school.
She is really excited to start school but naturally she is a little overwhelmed.
She has asked me questions like
"How will I know how to do homework?"
"Who will help me when I need help?"
"How will my food get to me at school?"
I've been searching like a mad mama all over pinterest, facebook and parenting magazines for tips on how to be as prepared as possible for school and I came up with 5 important steps to take before heading off to Kindergarten.

Establish a good bedtime routine
All mama's know that all hell can break loose when a child is not on a good bed time routine.
Usually in the summer months your little ones have been staying up later than usual so it is very important to start getting them back into that regular routine so they get a good 10 hour sleep at night. They will be playing and learning all day so they are going to be tired even with all that sleep. I suggest starting at least 2 weeks before school starts. If your child's bedtime will be 7:30 start the first few days putting them to bed at 8:00, then 7:50 and so on so its a gradual transition they won't even notice. It is also a good idea to start leaving their school clothes out the night before to get them into this habit.

Establish a good morning routine
Start waking up your kiddos at the same time they will need to wake for school at least a week before. I know this seems so unfair to take away that extra week of sleeping in...but it is essential. Practise with your child putting there own clothes on (including buttoning up their own pants etc.), eating breakfast and getting out the door by a certain time. I even suggest walking with your little one the same way you will walk to school in the morning. If you aren't in walking distance practise walking down to the bus stop.

Serve lunch at home in lunch containers
The week before school start serving your child's lunch in their lunch containers and lunch box they will use for school. It's a fun new exciting way for them to eat lunch and this way they are getting used to opening all their containers etc. It is also a great way to see what they like and don't like sent in their lunch boxes.

Visit the School
If the school allows, go for a visit or two to the school. Your child will be much more comfortable on that first day if they are familiar with their surroundings.

Attend a Preschool
This one is so so so important. We started our oldest in preschool when she was 3.
They prepared her for school and she had so much fun while doing so. Within the first 6 months she knew how to write her name , follow direction, interact with others, change her outdoor shoes to her indoor shoes etc.

What are your tips for preparing for school?


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