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When you are a young married couple with three kids under the age of five sometimes it`s easy to lose focus on yourselves as a couple and focus only on the kids or work or how FRIGGING exhausted you both are. One thing that really connects Louis and I is music. Maybe that's because we met at one of his shows back in his rock star days and before we had kids most of our spare time was spent either going to his practise's and shows or watching other bands play. Now that we are parents of 3 little ones we may get to 1 or 2 concerts a year. On days when we have a 4.5 year old drama queen in the back of our minivan screaming that she needs a new lip gloss because we just don't understand that the one that she has isn't sparkly enough and a newborn screaming bloody murder while our 2 year old is crying to us that "Luca crying, Mama - Luca crying, Mama - Luca crying, Mama" you just need a good song to turn on loud and feel somewhat human again for a couple of minutes. Louis is usually the one buying new CDs. He gets all excited like a kid on Christmas morning when he buys a new CD. Oh, the things that excite you when you are a parent.
Here are some bands that we are really loving at the moment.





What bands are you digging lately? 


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