A few of my favourite things....Bath Time Essentials

Having a baby can be overwhelming.
During my first pregnancy back in 2008 I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the selection of baby items available.
I have had a few pregnant mamas asking me what some of my favourite or essential baby products are so every week I will share with you some of our favourite baby must haves.
Today I am sharing with you our favourite
Bath Time Essentials.

Safety 1st Comfy Bath Centre
This bath is so simple and affordable and we love it!
With our first baby we spent an insane amount of money on a baby bath spa and it was basically just a waste of space.
Sometimes simplicity is key.
Live Clean baby Soothing Relief Body Wash
This stuff is the BEST!!
It smells AMAZING and is made from 98% plant ingredients - no nasty chemicals for baby and it is hypoallergenic!

Perfect size to wash baby's teeny body.

Live Clean Baby Lotion
Just like the body wash - this stuff is the best smelling lotion around!
I use it on myself most times too :)
Again - it is chemical free!
I put it on Luca after every bath.

Hooded Towels
Hooded Towels are a must after baby's bath time!
Their little heads get cold fast.
Our first two girls were bald but Luca has a teeny bit of hair and this brush is so soft on his head.
Love it!
How adorable is this?
I know it's a storage bin but we use it as a laundry hamper - that's still storage right? :)
After Luca's bath we throw all his dirty stuff in.

What are your favourite baby bath time essentials?


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