Mommy Crush Monday {Kirstie}

Happy Monday Everyone!
Today for Mommy Crush Monday I would like to introduce you to Kirstie - military wife & new mama of baby Isla. Kirstie is married to a guy that I knew growing up and after we got to chatting I found out she grew up down the street from me most of my childhod! Small world!

I first met my husband, Steve back in grade eight. Little did we know, but we both had a crush on one another but never had the guts to tell the other how we felt. Fast forward a few years and Steve finally asked me on a date. Two years later Steve proposed and we got hitched the next year on July 31st 2011.
            Life without baby was much different (obviously). We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and spoiled ourselves with dinners out and entertainment. I always had baby fever, but we knew it was never the right timing to start trying for one. Steve was a reservist in the military for years and finally started his application to RegForce a year after being married. We agreed that once he was accepted and we moved into a bigger place, we would start trying. Little did we know, as his application was being processed, we found out we were pregnant with baby #1 without trying. Two days later he was accepted to RegForce. Talk about perfect timing!
            Life as a military wife and mama hasn't been the easiest road. Steve was moved to New Brunswick at the beginning of February and after months of waiting, I was finally moved near the middle of May. Being pregnant without your husband is something I can't put into words other than "hard". I am so grateful things worked out and he was with me for the end of my pregnancy and to witness the birth of our beautiful daughter, Isa, who was born August 4th at 2:03am weighing a whopping 8lbs 3oz.

 How Has Life Changed Since Becoming a Mama?
Since it's just my husband and I living in the East Coast without any family, life has definitely gotten way busier! It's been hard getting through the first month doing this soley by ourselves, with the exception of grandmas help for the first week (Thanks for flying out, Mom!). I can't imagine my life without Isla. It's amazing how much you can love somebody.

What Does a Typical Day in Your Life Look Like?
Busy! Feedings, diaper changes, laundry, frantically cleaning the house before time runs out, finding time to feed yourself, challenges like moving Isla while she's sleeping without waking her up... The list goes on! Now that my husband is on course and I'm all alone with Isla, it's an even bigger challenge finding time to look after myself. I certainly give single mamas the utmost respect.

One Thing You Wish Someone Had Told You Before Becoming a Mama
 It's okay to admit you need a break. As much as I love my little girly, I try too hard look and act like I'm some superhero who never gets tired. Take a break when you need it. Even if it means five minutes to breathe.

Your 5 Baby Must Haves
Receiving blankets! You can never, ever have too much. Bassinet for the first few weeks home. Getting in and out of bed was hard the first few weeks, so I loved knowing she was right there and I could just lean over and look at her/pick her up without a painful effort. As much as I hate to say it because I always thought it was a little ridiculous; nursing pillow. I've been using regular pillow because I refused to put a nursing pillow on my registry because "I can just use a pillow", has been a little more challenging to hold her up properly. A car seat/stroller combo is wonderful! There's nothing better than just clicking Isla out of the car and right into the stroller. Lastly, rocking chair! Nothing is better than rocking your little one to sleep and cuddling with them in that chair. I absolutely love mine!
What is the Best Parenting Advice You Have Been Given?
Take what advice you want and let the other advice go. During pregnancy, I had advice coming in from left to right almost constantly. Although some of it was pretty good, most of it was obvious and we had heard it 50 times already. It's okay to make your own mistakes and learn from them! Now that we're parents, we almost prefer to learn things as we go - except for those nights when it seems like Isla won't stop crying. Then grandma is on speed dial ;)

What Do You Most Look Forward to as a Mama?
I can't wait to teach her things! I can't wait to see who she becomes. To see her talents fulfilled and used. We can't wait to teach her about God and loving life and people. Tell her she's beautiful each and every day. Raise her to be loving and respectful of her body (especially with today's "role models"). To take her to Disney. To see her grow and mature into a confident, beautiful woman. To help her through her first heartbreak. To shop for her wedding dress and to see her marry the man who couldn't picture his life without her. Most of all, I most look forward to loving her more and more each day.


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