5 years. 
Five Years.
Holy Crap....I have been a married woman for 5 years!!
It really blows my mind when I take the time to stop and think about that!
I have been married longer than even my own parents were married.
Some of my readers have been requesting I do some posts on marriage, which I find to be amusing.
First things first - I don't ever want to portray that I have the "perfect marriage" because I don't.
I don't even think there is such a thing, really.
It is perfect for us though.
We fight, we laugh, we kiss, we cringe, we talk, we yell, we say mean things at times, we hold hands and most importantly we are best friends.
A lot of people ask me how Louis and I manage to find "couple time" with 3 young kids at home.
Truth is....we haven't quite figured this out yet.
If I'm being 90% honest...having our third baby has been our biggest challenge in our marriage so far.
If I'm being 100% honest I think the challenge has not only been adding a third baby in the mix but all the craziness this year has been.
Selling our first house....moving in with my dad...moving into my in laws...etc etc.
It's enough to test even the strongest of relationships.
Between moving 3 times in the past 4 months, work, school, bills, dance classes, play dates, very little sleep and a toddler in the worst of her terrible two's by the end of the day we are both exhausted.
I honestly can't even remember the last time Louis and I had alone time and I think right now that's okay.
Yes couple time is so important and well deserved but I also think that where we are right now in life  is not going to allow us that couple time we so badly crave.
I know that in a couple of months we will be in a better routine and we will have that couple time again but for now we find other ways to keep our relationship strong.
I think the best thing to keep your relationship strong while having young kids is to be realistic.
You have to accept that you are no longer going to have that carefree life you had before you had kids and that's okay.
That doesn't mean you should push your relationship to the back burner - not at all.
Your kids are here because of the love you share for your partner and it is important for both yourselves and  kids to see a healthy relationship.
Do we get to go out to dinner and movies whenever we want? No.
Can we book a last minute flight to an all inclusive trip like our married friends without children? No.  But that's okay.
We find other ways to keep our relationship strong.
We communicate - always.
Sometimes we don't communicate in the prettiest of ways and as an outsider it may look like we hate each others guts but that's just part of us.
We are usually pretty brutally honest with one another.
We laugh.
Louis is usually a pretty shy guy but he has this really funny side to him that sometimes makes me laugh so hard I feel like I may just pee myself.
We understand.
This one hasn't always been easy for us but we understand each others needs and wants.
Louis is someone who is perfectly content going to work, coming home to be with his family and playing a bit of guitar every now and then.
I, on the other hand, love being with our family of course but I need nights out every now and again.
I like being social and going on coffee dates with friends or a girls night etc.
It took me a long time to stop pushing Louis to go out with his friends more because I realised that would be like him telling me to not go out when I wanted to and that wouldn't be fair.
Do we drive each other nuts? Absolutely.
But we are also nuts about each other.
I found this quote below on pinterest and I am lucky enough to say my husband is my best friend.


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