Mommy Crush Monday {Kaitlyn}

Happy Monday Everyone!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Emma started Italian lessons Saturday morning while Louis, Audrey, Luca and myself had a visit with my mom followed by a back to school shopping spree with Grandma Jan and Grandma Norma.
Sunday was the first day of Fall and we took the kids to Brooks Farms for their Fall Fun Festival.
{Will post pictures of that in another post}
Today is a special Monday because it is Emma's first PA day and we get to have her home with us for one extra day :) We are babysitting a friends daughter and Emma has Hip Hop and Tap class tonight! 
 I am also so excited to be featuring Kaitlyn from Wifessionals on my blog today for Mommy Crush Monday. I have been a follower of Kaitlyns blog for about a year now. She is expecting her first baby very soon and has lots of great tips on her blog for expecting mamas.  

Ryan and I got married back in June 2012. We immediately had to pack up our life in Nashville and move out to Arizona for the Army. Once we got out there, we had SO much time to spend just the two of us. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. Ryan is a few years older than me, so he always said he would love to start a family as soon as I was ready. By the end of the summer we agreed just to "not try to not get pregnant". A little while later we did get pregnant, even though it ended in a miscarriage. The next six months were very emotional as I always thought that getting (and staying pregnant) would be super easy. During that time though Ryan and I enjoyed all of the time we had together just being a couple. We travelled a lot and ended up moving for the Army AGAIN, this time to Colorado. I am so glad, looking back now, that we had those extra six months in between my pregnancies. It gave us a lot more time to grow as a couple and do alot of fun and memorable things.

What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant?
I actually had just gone upstairs to take a quick pregnancy test one night before we went out to grab some drinks. I had taken one a few days before and it said negative so I really didn't think I was pregnant. But just to be safe, I wanted to test before we went out. Ryan was downstairs reading. I always had a million different Pinterest ideas on how I wanted to tell him, but as soon as I saw the lines I started screaming his name and that I was pregnant. We were shocked and couldn't believe it. We had lost our first pregnancy about 6 months before and had become really discouraged since we hadn't been able to get pregnant again. It was definitely very exciting.

How has your life changed since being pregnant?
Life has definitely slowed down. We used to be go, go, go...but now some days I am so tired that I just want to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. Especially now that we are coming to the end, I would rather just stay at home and hang out with Ryan rather than go out and be around a bunch of people. I think it's because I know we have very limited time before it's not just "the two of us" anymore.

What are you enjoying the most about being pregnant?
I think the coolest thing about being pregnant is when you can feel the baby move. No one else will ever feel your child move like that, not even your husband. I also enjoy how nice everyone is to you - like at the airport, they gave us priority boarding and special seats when we got to the gate once they started chatting with us and saw I was pregnant.

What do you miss the most about life before you were pregnant?
I really miss being able to do everything I was able to before pregnancy. Ryan has to help me with my shoes or getting certain pairs of pants off. I can't exercise or go hiking like normal. And I REALLY miss non-maternity clothes. Fall is my favorite season so I am hoping I can get back into some of my clothes before the season is completely gone.

 5 pregnancy must haves
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