Sometimes kids have tantrums.
I don't care that your not going to feed your child processed foods or how many times you've read Bringing Up Bebe, your child will have a tantrum.
 And when your out shopping with your perfectly parented child and he/she decides to throw his/her first full blown tantrum out in public I hope someone is nicer to you than you have been to others in the same situation.
Yesterday, the husband and myself ventured out to the mall with our three kids in tow.
After about an hour of shopping we knew it was time to get the hell outta there leave as our two daughters were clearly starting to show signs of being overtired.
Well I guess we caught the warning signs too late because before we could make our escape one started crying hysterically, encouraging our other daughter to follow suit.
The looks we received from other people were horrible to say the least.
I felt like I was a school girl being bullied by the entire school at recess.
Really've never seen a child cry ?
The worst looks (and whispers) were from a group of moms with infants sitting pleasantly in their luxury strollers.
Guess what mama's - your baby is going to get a little older and have a tantrum of their own one day.
I encourage all you mama`s, papa`s and non parents out there to help a parent out next time you see a tantrum situation going on.
Let`s stop the hateful whispering,the evil stares and give a kind smile next time you a see a parent
struggling with a child in the midst of a meltdown.
When I'm out and I see a parent beet red with embarrassment because their child is in meltdown mode I make sure I stop to give a sympathetic smile.
Trust me, this smile means a lot to the parent of the hysterical child.


  1. so true! Syd threw a fit in Wal-Mart once so bad I left Oliver to shop and took Syd to the car...She was thrashing so much I nearly dropped her as i tried to carry her, and everyone stares and makes you feel like the worst parent ever....

    1. I hate that!! As if your not already feeling stressed out enough!


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