With Easter right around the corner I thought it was about time to do some sort of Easter activity with the littles.
I have to admit, I really dislike dying Easter Eggs so that was out of the question.
Something I don't dislike is Frozen Yogurt.
Which is why I was more than excited when I saw Walmart Canada post a picture of EggCicles.
I knew I had to make these with my littles so I made a trip to walmart to buy the ingredients and got right to it!
They are super easy to make, super healthy and super fun to Eat!
The kids couldn't wait for Daddy to get home and tell him all about their special Egg Popsicles!

Recipe below.

Plastic Eggs
Egg Carton
1 1/2 cups Great Value Frozen Sliced strawberry & banana 
3/4 cup Great Value Plain Yogurt
1 cup milk
1 Blend ingredients in a blender.
2 Transfer to bowl. 
3 Spoon mixture into both sides of egg.
4 Place in egg carton and put in freezer until set.
5 Lick. 


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