My days are spent waving to "vroom vrooms" from the window,watching Elmo and listening to my sweet 4 year old sing every song from Annie over and over and over.
Sometimes I find myself thinking that my days are wasted.
I think of all the things that I could be doing that I'm not.
I think of all the money I could be making.
All the vacations we could be taking if only I was out doing more, being more.
I know I'm not alone in my thoughts because I talk to other stay at home moms who feel the same way as I do. 
Desperate to feel that what we do all day is of importance and not just a waste of time.
I often wonder that if it weren't for social media would we still feel this way?
I love social media because it is basically my sanity and support group when I'm having a bad day but sometimes I think it can have a very negative impact.
When I became a mom in 2009 I soaked in every second of being a mother, good and bad. 
Now I find myself lost in the moment, comparing myself to the other instagram moms and losing what is really important to me and my family.
For us that is me being at home with my children as much as our finances allow.
We talked about this before we had kids many times.
If we were going to start a family I would be the one to raise them, so why is it now I'm feeling like I should be doing more? 
Why do I feel like just being Kelsey the stay at home mom is not enough.
I should be Kelsey the mother of three, small business owner, cake baker, car pool driving mother right? 
I need to remind myself what is really important to me and my family and if that is just me being present with our children, getting down on the floor and playing barbies that's okay because that is what works for me and my family.
So just a little reminder to all you mothers out there who question if what you are doing is enough, it is.
If you are listening to your heart and doing what is best for you and your family it is enough.


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