May 24 Weekend 2015

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
It feels like a Monday around here and I love it!
As much as I loved having the whole family home for 3 days I couldn't wait for the normalcy of today to arrive. 
I crave the routine that Monday's, or in this case Tuesday, bring. 
We had a pretty laid back weekend and it was lovely.
Saturday we sold an entertainment unit that I had up for sale for a while.
I got the piece two years ago when I won the LaZboy Mom Cave Contest and
it was on of my favourite pieces of furniture that I've ever owned but it didn't fit our space unfortunately.  In the afternoon we went for a drive around the beautiful lake and 
After dinner I took our oldest daughter on a little mother/daughter date night.
We grabbed some Ice Cream and walked around Main Street. 
We walked down streets with beautiful houses and ended the evening playing arcade games at the movie theatre.
My relationship with our oldest daughter is the most difficult because we are so much a like and butt heads every single day so it's so nice when we can slow down and really enjoy each others company.
Sunday we had a BBQ at my dads house and Louis and I took the kids on an incredible walk through the green belt that goes behind their neighborhood.
Monday we were prepared to stay home as the weather called for thunderstorms but as the day went on we all got a little restless and hopped in the car. We ended up driving to Port Perry where we walked down the main strip, got Ice Cream and Played at the beautiful Waterfront Park.
How was your long weekend?


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