Memories Over Things

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've heard me talk about our families journey with minimalism.
This time last year we were going through a lot.
We were moving {read here for some moving tips with kids} and our oldest daughter was having a lot of trouble with anxiety. 
The next few months that followed we found ourselves feeling pretty overwhelmed.

The house was always a mess & the level of stress was pretty high.
Although we only had 1300 square feet of house I still couldn't keep up with the all the cleaning.
There was stuff everywhere. 
One day our oldest daughter asked if we could move everything out of her room because she didn't like looking at the mess and that's when everything changed.
We moved everything that wasn't being used from the girls room to the basement and life started getting a little easier. 
We found that Emma wasn't as anxious after we cleared out her room and I found that I wasn't yelling as much or as stressed out when I entered their room.
We decided as a family that we were going to start the rule of one.
When One new thing enters the home One old thing leaves.
We became really good at enforcing this rule but I still found that I was always cleaning and that we still had too much stuff. 
Weekends were spent cleaning and organising instead of living and enjoying and we also had racked up some unnecessary debt from buying things we didn't really need.
 I decided enough was enough. 
I had read a little about minimalist living online and loved the idea but wasn't exactly sure it was possible with a family of five.
I started reading articles on letting go and made the decision to start letting go of all of our "stuff".
It's been a little over two months and I can honestly say we have never been happier.
If we don't use it, love it or need it it's gone from our home.
I'm choosing to make memories over things & I want you to join this journey with me.
Who's in? 
The next few months I'm going to be posting about my journey becoming a minimalist family and using the hashtag #memoriesoverthings . 
Join me and post all your tips, struggles, memories & more.


  1. We are trying to do this too... but still in the process of cleaning out. I would love to hear any tips you have!

  2. We are trying to do this too... but still in the process of cleaning out. I would love to hear any tips you have!

  3. Were still in the process too :) It's a long one.

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