Mothers Day Weekend & Choosing Memories over Things

Mothers Day 2015

I had the best mothers day this year.
I didn't get to sleep in.
I didn't eat breakfast in bed & I had no flower deliveries. 
I woke up before the kids, had a hot coffee, changed dirty bums, was greeted by three children who had no idea that they were supposed to spend the day celebrating me, dealt with bad attitudes, taught rights from wrongs & it was perfect.
It was perfect because it was real and I was doing motherhood and for that I am so thankful.
Motherhood isn't always easy - in fact it's really quite overwhelming  at times but it's the life I longed for since I was a little girl and I'm embracing it.
I don't love every moment of motherhood but I do love being a mother and know that I am so lucky to have these three beautiful children call me mom. The truth is there is nothing in this world I would rather be doing than being a mom. 
My husband and I don't really do gifts.
I shouldn't say we don't do gifts, it's more like we don't do surprises.
We like to plan our gift giving together.
It's not quite as boring as it sounds and it really works for us.
Were a young family on a limited budget and the last thing I want is  something I really don't need when I'd be just as happy if that money was spent on memories over things. 
So this year, when my husband asked me what I wanted for mothers day  I replied "nothing".
He insisted but I argued that I have everything I need and that all I wanted was an hour to myself and a weekend full of memories. 
The weekend started on Friday with that hour to myself meeting my best friend for tea and a walk around Fairy Lake. It was just what I needed after a long week. Saturday we spent time doing yard work and  packed up the kids and headed to the drive in. The two youngest fell asleep in the car and our oldest set up a picnic outside our van. Sunday was mothers day and I asked if we could go to High Park in Toronto to see the Cherry Blossoms. Turns out High Park on Mothers Day is IMPOSSIBLE to access by car. We drove around for over an hour trying to find parking with no such luck so we ended up visiting another one of my favourite Toronto spots - The Distillery District. 
I had the best day watching my kids run around in the rain and admire the beauty around them. 


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  1. Great weekend and great pics! Thank you for sharing Kelsey! xo Love you! Mom xo


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