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Happy Monday :)

I was going through my blog drafts and found this one from back in 2013 and I had to post it.
This was back when Luca was about 4 months old and he participated in a program called Roots Of Empathy at our daughters school.
I brought Luca to a kindergarten class once a month so the children could observe him and all the new milestones he had reached. 
The program is designed to teach children empathy by raising social/emotional competence and reducing levels of aggression among school aged children.
 So much has happened since this photo was taken and its making me all emotional to write about it.
Since this post we've moved into a new house, sold that house, bought a new house and moved to a new city.
Ive gone back to work, then quit, then went back to work again.
Emma started French Immersion then switched back to Public school then over to the Catholic board.
It has been a very busy 2 years and I didn't realize how much has happened and how fast my babies are growing right in front of my very eyes until I came upon this post.
Luca was just a baby here.
A baby who couldn't walk or talk yet and now he is old enough to run and speak in full sentences.
I often call him my baby but looking at this photo has made me see how much he has changed and grown into a smart little boy.
Our oldest is turning 7 this week and our middle child will be 5 the following week.
Time is going by too fast and these kids of mine are getting more mature and grown up everyday.
This is a great reminder to myself to stop and enjoy.
Enjoy the good and the bad.
When Luca is throwing a tantrum, like most two year olds do, I promise to remember to be supportive and not upset because this is a phase that will soon pass.
When Audrey is being annoyingly silly and having trouble listening I promise to be more patient and supportive because this is a phase that will soon pass.
When Emma, our oldest, is giving me attitude because she thinks she's 16 now that she's in grade one, I will remember to teach her kindness instead of shaming her for her trying to figure herself out.


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