Social Common Live & A Follow Friday

"Other women who are killing it should motivate you, thrill you, challenge you and inspire you."
~Taylor Swift~

Have you guys heard of Social Common?
If not you need to check them yesterday!
Social Common was formed by two of the most beautiful and hilarious women you will ever meet, Catherine & Natalie.
They started Social Common as an "event club" for moms who wanted more than your typical mommy group play dates and it has turned into so much more! 
Every Tuesday night Natalie and Catherine have a live youtube broadcast they created called Social Common Live where they bring the real, uncensored side of motherhood.
If you haven't watched it before you can check it out here.
I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the show this week and it was a blast!
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
The show is filmed at Natalie's GORGEOUS home in Toronto.
It was a much needed night out with a house full of the most inspiring women and that is exactly what Social Common is all about. 
Bringing inspiring women & mamas together and empowering each other! 
Natalie & Catherine were the sweetest and instantly made me feel like we had been friends for years....even after I spilled red wine all over the floor....oops!!
I also met some other incredible women who I have talked to every day since.
You hear a lot of negative talk about Social Media.
That the next generations won't know how to hold a conversation or make friends.
The next time someone talks about how Social Media is ruining generations to come lets remember how Social Media can bring us together. 
How it can help us meet other like minded inspiring individuals and form friendships that would've never come to be other wise.
I'd like to leave off with a little Follow Friday by sharing 4 women who I have met through Social Media who inspire me and I know will inspire you too!

Renee M Leblanc
(top left)

I met Renee a couple of months ago at my nieces birthday party.
She walked into the birthday party and although she was sporting yoga pants and a top knot (and still looked better than I do when I spend hours getting ready) I recognised her immediately.
It was a little embarrassing because when she introduced herself to me I already knew exactly who she was from following her blog and instagram! haha
She is a lifestyle blogger with three beautiful kiddos sharing her love of fashion and design.
She is super down to earth and and inspires me to get out of my ugly mom jeans and dress up a little haha

Rebecca Heart
(top right)

I met Rebecca this week at #socialcommonlive
She writes a blog over at The Bargain Brat and has the most inspiring Instagram Page.
She is a mother of the cutest little 1 year old and a musician!!
In her blog she shows you that you don't have to break the bank to live in Style.

Erica Schott
(bottom left)

Erica is another inspiring mama I met at #socialcommonlive this past week.
She is an Occupational Therapist at a centre for addiction and mental illness, yoga lover and mother of an adorable two year old, Morris.
She writes a blog over at Annageorgianna.
She also has a very inspiring Instagram Page where she shares everything from the cutest photos of her son to her very honest posts about struggling with fertility.


I also met Mandy from Sparkle Shiny Love at #socialcommonlive.
She is the mom of one and writes an amazing lifestyle blog for hip urban moms.
She is so sweet and has such a fun energy!!
She loves shopping and anything sparkly.

Im always looking for new inspiring blogs & would love to know who inspires you!
Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram Page

Kelsey ox



  1. You are such a beautiful person! Thank your for including me, I absolutely loved meeting you! xx


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