One of those days

                   Happy Saturday ❤️
It's not so happy around our house today. 
We had our niece over to watch a movie late last night which was wonderful but today all the kids are overtired as a result and pretty much everything and anything is bringing them to tears today.
 There are days where I think to myself "I'm really kicking ass at this parenting gig" then days like today where I don't know how I'll survive another day of motherhood. 
It's been a long day and we're all tired and need to just hit the reset button.
We called up my in laws who live right around the corner from our new house and they were kind enough to agree to come over once the kids go to sleep tonight so Louis and I can sneak away on a much needed and long overdue movie & dinner date night. 
I want to make date nights, inside or outside of the home, a priority for 2016.
Its easy for romance to get put on the back burner when your raising young children but its so important.
If our marriage is strong then our parenting will be even stronger.


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