They are listening.

I don't know about you guys, but most of the time, we feel like everything we are trying to teach our children goes in one ear and right out the other.
We have three children, ages seven, five and almost three, which means our house is chaotic in the best of times. 
In the midst of this chaos we are trying to teach our children good values.
We expect them to be kind and respectful to themselves and others at the very least.
Even with all the values we think we are instilling in our children, the attitude we see in this house from our girls is, frankly, embarrassing. 
There's eye rolling, talking back and body posture I'm sure I didn't even know about until I was a teen.
It's just not acceptable in this house and we make sure to let the girls know that.
We expect please and thank yous.
As the girls get older, the attitude we see seems to increase and at night my husband and I find ourselves asking where we went wrong? 
Why are they giving so much attitude? We would've never talked to our parents this way.
I could Blame it on the influence of social media, all the YouTube videos they watch, todays celebrities or the kids at school, and a million other factors, but I won't do that.
It's our responsibility as parents to teach our children right from wrong.
That demanding things is not acceptable.
That manners go a long way.
That if you want to be respected you also need to respect others.
My husband and I were feeling pretty defeated, we felt everything we were trying to teach was going to waste until on two separate occasions 
we heard the most positive feedback from two separate people on how our children behaved when we weren't there.
We were told they had excellent manners.
That they were including others who were feeling left out.
That they were teaching others that the colour of someones skin was of no importance as long as they had a kind heart.
The point of this blog post is to remember to never give up.
I know how easy it would be to give up, and just say forget it when your exhausted and feeling out numbered.
It would be so easy for me to just ignore the eye rolling, but I won't do it, because I love my children and want them to grow into adults who show respect and have kind hearts.
Even if the attitude at home could still use some improvement, the fact of the matter is, our children are listening to us and I'm sure yours are too!
They are listening to everything you are teaching them even when you think they aren't.
So don't give up! 
This parenting thing isn't supposed to be easy.


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