Curry Rice Balls

My husband and his mom made the most INCREDIBLE curry rice balls the other day and I have to share them with you!
They were super easy to make and so yummy!!
My husband is Italian, and like most Italian Mamas, his mom can make a mean rice ball.
We called her to ask if she would come over and turn our curry rice into rice balls.
Lets just say she thought we were crazy.
We told her to trust us, and she came over hesitantly, sure they would not be as delicious as we thought they would be.
Lets just say once they were done, they were gone in minutes and she may have asked for seconds!


1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
3 tbs olive oil
4 tsps curry powder
2 cups of rice
3 1/4 cups water
2 teaspoons salt
4 eggs
Flour to bread
Bread Crumbs
Vegetable Oil

To cook the rice, cook the garlic and onion in oil over medium low heat until soft.
Add curry powder and rice to the pan and cook, stirring, for 1 minute.
Add the water & salt and boil uncovered for 7-8 minutes.
Reduce heat to low and cover pan with a lid and continue cooking for 15 minutes.
Remove the pan from heat and let stand for 5 minutes.
Once the rice is cooked, fill your sink with cold water and transfer rice into a bowl.
Place bowl in cold water to cool down the rice.
When rice is cool, roll the rice into balls.
Set up three bowls, one with flour, one with beaten eggs, and one with breadcrumbs.
Roll the rice in flour, then egg wash, then bread crumbs.
Cook in enough vegetable oil to cover rice balls until golden.



Promoting Healthier Breakfast Choices By Prepping Ahead

Mornings with young children can be chaotic! 
Even when I've prepared lunch the night before, I'm usually rushing around in the mornings making sure school bags are packed, teeth are brushed, and looking everywhere for my toddlers missing shoe before we rush out the door.
Seriously - anyone else's toddler shoes just disappear? 
We've lost TWO pairs in the past month.
The last thing I want to worry about is preparing a big meal, but my kids are BIG morning eaters.
They are always starving when they wake up!
It would be easy to just feed them big bowls of sugary cereal, and don't get me wrong sometimes I do, but I prefer them to have a healthy start to the day!
I started making Prep Ahead Smoothie Packs a couple months ago and now they are a staple in our home!
My kids LOVE smoothies.
I don't even have to hide that I'm putting spinach in them, they love them that much!
To make my mornings easier, I prep all the fruit I need for the smoothies ahead of time and freeze them using Glad's FreezerWare containers. 
All I have to do in the morning is take them out of the freezer and pop them in my blender with some milk for a quick, nutritious smoothie!
I usually serve a bagel and cream cheese or some toast and peanut butter with the smoothie.

Add one cup of spinach, half a banana and a cup of fruit(s) of choice.

When I've cut up all the fruit I just add it to Glad FreezeWear Containers and put in the freezer. Super Easy!

I'm always looking for ways to make chaotic school mornings go a little bit smoother. 
What are some tips that work for you?


Home Tour: Living Room Update

Happy Sunday Everyone :) 
I'm so excited to share some updates we have done to our living room with you.
I told you a little bit about our current home here, and shared that we were getting new doors. 
We went with French Style doors to replace the outdated sliding doors in our living room that lead to our backyard.
I love that when we are entertaining, our guests can easily go in and out of the backyard. 
We haven't done much to this room, but the small changes that we did make have made a huge impact!
We painted the outdated tile fire place white, which you can read all about here.
We decided to go with Matte Black Georgian Knobs, black hinges and a black sill as well to add some contrast to the white door.
There is an invisible screen that pulls out from each side of the door frame so we can keep the bugs out when both doors are open.
I love how this room is coming together so far and we haven't even touched the floor or painted any walls.
Here is the before photo from the original MLS listing and a photo of the room after we made some small changes.
I have a few more projects in mind that I will be sharing with you in the next few months!
Currently, I am in the process of painting those outdated orangey oak spindles.

List Of Sources 

Mirror:  Home Sense
Curtains: Ikea
Doors: Entryguard Doors
Georgian Knobs: Schlage
Pouf: Home Sense


Priorities & Eye Patch Update

I spent the day at Sick Kids Hospital with my oldest and youngest child today. 
They both have problems with their vision.
We've been coming here since Emma was 2.5.  
These days are usually long for all of us and can be pretty emotional.
 It's been a long journey with numerous prescriptions, eye patching, and surgery along the way.  Today they told me that were running out of time. 
That we really need to take eye patching seriously or it will be too late. 
That if we don't act on it now, there will be no chance at improving my daughters vision. 
I knew this going in. 
They told me back when Emma was only a toddler that we had a limited time frame to correct her vision.
 A million things held us back from successfully patching in the past. 
I was alone 13 hours a day with 3 kids ages 4.5 and under, Emma was dealing with really bad anxiety and putting on the patch would send her into a panic attack, she would become aggressive and hysterical. 
From ages two to five, everyday was a constant battle that revolved around this eye patch.
I wanted to spend my days having tea parties and dress up parties with my sweet girl, instead, I spent many days crying. 
It felt like I was traumatizing my sweet girl, spending the majority of our days trying to hold her down so I could just put her eye patch on.
 I knew that her future and the ability to see was all in my hands. 
I had the power to make her better, but I was failing.
 Looking back, those years were an absolute nightmare. 
I couldn't be the mother I had dreamt of being when she was growing in my tummy.
She is older now though, and she finally understands how important it is. 
She has seen a therapist for her anxiety and can understand better how to cope in these situations. After we left the Drs she started crying.
 My heart was breaking and when I asked her if she was scared to patch she said
 "No mommy, I'm scared not to patch, I want to be better, but you don't have time to help me with it." She continued to tell me that she was scared I would forget because I work a lot now and when I'm not working I'm working on my blog at home.
 Heart shattered. 
She was absolutely right. 
I have been so busy focusing on trying to work as hard as I can for my family, that I was actually putting work before my role as mother. 
What's that famous saying?  
"The road to Hell is paved with good intention."
 I was losing focus and today it really hit me.
 I want my family to have the best things in life but all they want from me is my time.
 Emma's vision is really low in her weak eye. 
Like legally blind low.
So low that she can't patch at school or be left alone while she is patching.
She needs to wear the patch a minimum of two hours a day.
 I took her to the dollar store after the appointment and we made a giant Bristol board chart with stickers and glitter and wrote our her new eye patch routine. 
We made it as a visual reminder to both of us that 2 hours of every single day need to be spent helping her vision get better. 
This may mean I need to pick up less shifts at work so that I can focus on Emma while my husband keeps our two other children busy.
 It may mean I can't keep up on social media and my blog. 
It may mean we need to decline invites if it disrupts eye patching time. 
None of that matters though.
 Health and Family are always always always number one and I really needed today to step back and shift priorities. 

I wrote this post last month.
Since then, I have resigned from my job that I was working outside of the home so I could focus on family and just work on this blog from home when the kids are in school.
Emma has been patching successfully everyday and things are great!
My mama instincts were telling me that my kids needed me and I know I made the right decision.


Glasses For The Whole Family

Happy Monday Friends!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
I want to talk to you today about GLASSES.
We are a family of five and FOUR of us need glasses for seeing.
If you're not a new follower, you already know that two of my kids go to Sick Kids Hospital regularly for their vision.
Our oldest daughter has amblyopia and strabismus and requires vision therapy.
Our son Luca has poor vision in both eyes and its still too early to tell if he will need vision therapy as well.
Both of our kids that require glasses started wearing them before they were two years old.
I can't even tell you how many glasses, or how much money we have spent on glasses over the years.
It's a BIG number.
Kids are kids and trying to keep glasses on a child, and not broken on the floor, is quite the task.
I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw a photo of one of my favourite Bachelorette's,  Kailtyn Bristowe, wearing adorable frames and I had to find out where they were from.
I found out they were from Eye Buy Direct and immediately scoped the website out and fell in love.
Not only was it SUPER easy to navigate the website but the glasses were trendy and super affordable.
I'm talking glasses for my kids under $10 affordable.
They even have an option to see how the frames look on your face online.
If you are in the market for new glasses, I highly suggest you head on over to Eye Buy Direct, You'll thank me later :)
I also have a very special discount for my readers down at the bottom of this post!

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