Back to School Shopping on a Budget

I can't believe that school is right around the corner! 
I'm really looking forward to the calm and routine that Back to School brings.
One of my favourite things about Back to School as a kid, was the shopping.
My kids are going into Grade 2, SK & Preschool this year and they are all super excited about it!
 I'm a Stay at Home Mom, which means we are living on one Income and budgeting is a must for our family! 
We had some extra expenses this summer, so our Back to School Supplies budget was a little bit smaller this year.
 We managed to stay well under budget for our Back To School Supplies this year and I want to share my money saving tips with you!

Have a Budget
Budgets are so so so important!! 
I know first hand, because I went years without one and got into a lot of debt because of it.
A wise man once said
Create your monthly budget and determine how much you have available to spend on School Supplies.

Make a List
My oldest has been so excited for Back to School.
 She has been writing school supply lists and leaving them all around the house since the end of July. 
I mentioned in this post how important it is to make a list while grocery shopping & it is just as important to make a list for Back to School shopping for all the same reasons.
You want a written list so you don't go off track and start buying things you don't really need.

Shop Your Home First
It's amazing how many items on your Back to School List that you already have lying around your home.
This huge pile of school supplies was found in just one drawer in our house and knocked a lot of items off our list.
Shopping your home first means you will spend less and avoid bringing more clutter into your home. 
Its a Win Win!

Use Coupons
Brands put out so many great coupons before school starts.
I got the coupons in the photo below from Walmart's Free Magazine they put out and there were a lot more inside too! 
You can also find coupons for school supplies in the local paper, online & on money saving apps.
Take advantage of those coupons and save money where you can - every penny counts! 

How do you save money Back to School Shopping?


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