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I have horribly thick hair.
I know I'm probably getting a lot of eye rolls, because people are always dreaming of thick hair, but mine is unmanageably thick.
I'm talking so thick that I start sweating in the middle of the winter thick.
Because of my super thick hair, I've always struggled with finding the right hair stylist.
I need someone who really knows what they're doing.
I've had some horrible hair cuts in the past, and for some reason with super thick hair, a bad hair cut seems to be exaggerated. 
Luckily after searching FOREVER, I have found MY stylist. 
I walked into Vanessa of @beautybyvitali  gorgeous salon and immediately knew she was my girl!
First of all, her salon is gorgeous.
 I was sitting there dreaming up how to completely redesign my house to copy her salon's design style. 
I talked with Vanessa before my appointment about what my vision was, and when I got into the chair she already had a few different options for me in mind that would all get me the results I wanted.
I love a stylist that has a clear vision on whats will work for their client!
This girl knows her stuff! 
Above are the before and after photo's of my hair.
 ( excuse the squinty eyes, the light was bright haha)
She completely captured exactly what I was looking for and even took the time to show me two different ways to style my hair! 
She is so passionate about what she does, and I LOVE that.

What do you look for in a great stylist?


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  1. You were bald until about two so, thick hair is a blessing lol!


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