Hi, my name is Kelsey and I'm......

Hi, my name is Kelsey
and I am
  sleep deprived.
I feel like I should wear a name tag stating the above so people know why I look like such a hot mess majority of the time, or to explain why I have permanent resting b**** face. 
On a good night, I may get 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep.
You see, I have a three year old who will do everything in his power to avoid sleep.
I'm talking banging his head continuously on his pillow, kicking me or my personal favourite - screaming so loud the whole neighbourhood can hear, all to avoid sleep. 
He wasn't always this way.
In fact, he was the only one of all three of my children who slept through the night almost immediately after we came home from the hospital.
My oldest daughter woke through the night until kindergarten, and when Luca arrived I thought I may get to finally say goodbye to sleepless nights.
Around the age of two, Luca decided sleep wasn't for him.
He started waking up 1-2 times at night with night terrors.
The baby who used to sleep from 7-7 was now going to bed at the same time but waking up for good sometime between 4-5am.
I'm writing this today, because last night he woke up twice.
Once screaming for me to tuck him in and another time with a night terror.
He was up for good at 3:45am.
This isn't a usual occurrence but losing an extra 1.5 of sleep when your only getting maybe 5 hours of sleep just plain sucks.
I am exhausted and I honestly just need a good vent.
Once this kid is awake there is absolutely no putting him back down.
Please don't give me your tips and tricks of what worked for your child because I have heard and tried them ALL.
I want this kid to sleep more than ANYONE, trust me.
I'm scatterbrained and I snap at my children and husband more than I would like to admit because I am so flipping exhausted. 
Some days, if I'm really lucky I can fight with him for an hour and a half to get him to nap for 20 minutes, but this is rare.
He's not one of those kids that sits quietly and watches TV when he's tired either.
He is literally non stop from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed.
Running around the house, attempting to climb counters, opening the fridge trying to help himself to a snack.
I'm writing this not to complain, because I know that this is just a phase.
I know that he will sleep again, and so will I.
 I am writing this so that any other parent out there going through the same thing with their child doesn't have to feel like they are alone in their insane sleep deprivation.
There's no question that lack of sleep just plain sucks, but I promise you we will all get through this!
Excuse me while I go pour myself a giant cup of coffee!  :)

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