Falling into the "Bad Mom" Trap

 I had a rare, but much needed night away this weekend.
I spent Saturday at Tetley's Tea Talk event with a blogger friend and Saturday evening at a friends house for a cocktails n canvas party.
At both events conversations about motherhood came up.
Conversations that I so desperately needed.
You see, for a while I was falling into the "bad mom" trap.
It is almost "cool" now to be a bad mom, to complain about motherhood and act as if it's a burden instead of a blessing. 
I noticed myself falling into this trap and looking at motherhood in a negative way.
 This weekend away and these uplifting conversations with these women are exactly what I needed to snap me out of it. 
We all have bad days and hard moments in motherhood - but let's not forget what a beautiful gift being a mother truly is. 
I've mentioned before that I've been more present with the kids lately. 
That means phone out of sight, all distractions put away. 
I've also talked about putting myself first - which sounds like the complete opposite of being present, but as a result of taking care of myself ( ie: a relaxing bath after a long day, going for coffee with a friend etc) I've been able to be so much more present and happy as a mother. 
I notice a lot of moms only speaking negative things about motherhood and It has a ripple effect.
 I challenge you to try to be positive about motherhood for even one day, it's contagious.
❤ Ps - looks like the kids had fun with daddy because the kid that never sleeps is passed out on the couch.



  1. I agree, taking time for myself makes me a better mom. And looking at motherhood in a bad light is so easy, since it's seriously the hardest job ever! It's hard to stay positive but a good mama tribe helps me with that!

  2. Oh...I was going to the Tetley's Tea Talk but had to cancel because of a sick kiddo! It would have been great to reconnect.
    We all get in that rut focusing on the negative rather than the positive. Whether about motherhood, our job, our life situation...the list is endless. Stay positive and if you ever need an ear... :) I've recently started taking care of me too with healthy eating, joining a gym and making sure there is some me-time every day. XO Kelsey!

  3. I completely agree that giving yourself some "me" time definitely helps you become a better mom. I totally understand where you're coming from - falling down that trap. The guilt is so real when you're a mom! But we ARE doing a great job, darn it!!!

  4. Taking time to myself definitely makes me a better mom! I try to spend 20 mins or so a day working out and have that time to refresh. It works wonders! Mommyhood is exhausting yet so wonderful!


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