How To Cut Back Your Caffeine Intake The Right Way

One of the goals I set for myself for the New Year was to make healthier choices, which included drinking less coffee and drinking more water.
If you know me, you know I LOVE my coffee.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a coffee drinker but for me it was getting to the point that I was replacing water with coffee.
I'm talking 6-8 cups of coffee a day and maybe a few sips of water.
My plan for the New Year was to cut back to back my coffee intake to just one cup of coffee in the morning.
I didn't have any plan in place as to how I was going to cut back and if I'm being honest, I thought I could just do it cold turkey.
Day 2 into my caffeine cut back and I legit thought I was going to DIE from the withdrawal.
You guys - coffee withdrawal is NO joke.
Luckily, my husband was off work that day because I was basically bed ridden from the withdrawal symptoms.
The first thing I experienced was a headache - like my head literally felt like it was going to explode.
Next came the muscle aches.
It felt like I had weights strapped to every muscle in my body.
Then came the fatigue - holy moly this hit me hard.
I could barely keep my eyes open throughout the day.
The next day my husband went back to work and I knew I couldn't take care of the kids alone if I was feeling like this, so I turned to my good friend - Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Culinary Nutrition Expert - Stephanie Long.

Stephanie guides woman in bringing out their best selves by teaching them how to eat healthy and put themselves first.
I turned to her and asked her to help me figure out a way to cut back my caffeine intake without feeling like I was going to die! haha
Here is the advice she gave me:

 When setting out to cut down on coffee, make sure that you slowly reduce the amount of coffee you are drinking daily. This means, if you are currently drinking 3 cups per day and want to cut down to 1 cup per day, reduce to 2.5 cups per day for the first week, 2 cups for the second, and so on until you reach your daily desired amount. 
Cutting down slowly and incrementally is important so that you do not experience a complete withdrawal, which could lead to headaches, muscle pain and fatigue – a trifecta of symptoms that have you regretting cut down in the first place!
While cutting down your intake, be sure to drink 2-3 litres of water per day, as well as 1 additional cup of water for every cup of coffee. If you have trouble getting your water intake in, simply add in cut up fruit or herbs to your bottle for a naturally flavoured drink. 

My favourite combinations are orange and basil or strawberries and lemon – super yummy! 
Plus, by adding in fruit or herbs, you infuse your water with a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals that help to support your body through the transition.

One way to support your body during the transition to less coffee is Bulletproof Coffee. 

Whenever I want a coffee, I opt for this version, as it gives me ample amounts of energy because of the healthy fats that are blended into it (coconut oil and grass-fed butter), it stabilizes my blood sugar levels (meaning no shaky hands or jumpy energy) and it keeps me feeling full all morning because of the healthy fats and added protein (collagen). 
Check out Stephanie's Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe here

I hope this post helps at least one person avoid a terrible coffee withdrawal!
Happy Wednesday!

Kelsey, ox



  1. I am so addicted to coffee ... but I don't want to be! This post was excellent. I definitely bookmarked for when I decide to cut back. Thank you for sharing these tips!

    1. awesome! glad you enjoyed it! Such a hard addiction to cut! I'm down to 2-3 cups a day!

  2. I was immediately intrigued when I saw your post as I was sipping on my 4th huge cup of coffee. I opened your post out of curiosity, but with no intention of "cutting back". lol I too have experienced the alwful withdrawal (during my pregnnncies and your is no joke. I enjoyed your post ...made me smile AND sparked an interest to perhaps cut back. Thanks for sharing Kelsey. :)

    1. haha love your honesty!!! coffee is the best, just not when you are drinking it in the place of water haha. I've cut down to 2-3 haha baby steps!

  3. Great would be hard to cut off cold turkey. ;)

  4. I feel your pain!!!! I replaced my coffee with caffeine water haha

  5. I wish I would have read this 6 months ago when I quit cold turkey! Once I do start drinking coffee again, I can't wait to try it bulletproof style!

    1. Did you experience any of the withdrawal symptoms?

  6. So much good info! Im currently taking alot but less then a year ago. Hoping to cut it even more

  7. I just quit drinking coffee and caffeine recently and it has made a huge difference in my anxiety! I will have to check out this bulletproof coffee.

    1. yes!! my anxiety is HUGE when I'm drinking too much coffee!

  8. So, I'm currently drinking BP coffee as I'm reading this, but am drinking the equivalent to 2-3 cups of it :/ eesh! There was one day last weekend where I didn't have my coffee in the am (for some ungodly reason, I'm sure) and I literally thought I was going to DIE. I was out in public and had a headache that made me certain it was the end of my life. Funny now, lol. Not then. Moral of the story is, I need to drink less coffee. And sure as heck am not going to do it cold turkey so I appreciate this advice on the slow cut-down!

  9. My problem is I just love the taste of coffee. Bulletproof coffee wasn't for me the first time I tried it but maybe I should give it another try!

  10. I don't drink coffee so I had no idea the withdrawal symptoms could be so bad, that's intense! I bet these tips will help a lot of people!

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