Half-Up Rope Braid Tutorial

  If you've been following me on Instagram, you know that I've been working on a super fun collaboration with Vanessa of Studio V Beauty.
We've been bringing you little hair tutorials via Facebook & Instagram Live each week and hosting a couple of fun giveaways!
I've had a lot of requests to turn the Half-Up Rope Braid Tutorial that Vanessa did on my hair last week into a blog post - so here it is! 

Step by Step 
Half- Up Rope Braid Tutorial 


Section off hair from around the temples.
 Divide that into two sections down the top of the head creating a centre part. 
Take one of the sections and divide that into two. 


Twist both pieces counterclockwise, then cross the twisted pieces clockwise over each other
 (holding the strands tightly so they don't unravel)
Repeat until the rope braid is as long as desired and secure with an elastic.


Once the braid is complete gently pull it to loose it up, creating a softer more full look.


Repeat all steps on other side.
Once both sides are complete you can tie them together with an elastic or pin them together with bobbypins and tease the ends of the ropebraids together like shown in the photo above. 
Add a wave or curl to all the hair not in rope braid.
Complete the look with a texture spray and rock your new look :) 

For all of Vanessa's Services see her website here

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