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This August my husband and I will have been married 9 years!
Luckily for me, I married one of the most selfless and caring men out there.
He is patient and always puts his family before anything else.
Our marriage has certainly had it's share of Ups and Downs over the years.
We were so young when we married.
I was nineteen and he was twenty two.
The years have just flown by.
This past year of our marriage has been our most challenging yet.
I used to think that as the kids got older, the easier life would become - but any mom of older kids knows the truth to this.
"The bigger the kid, the bigger the problems"
There is so much joy in motherhood but I am constantly learning and being challenged along the way.
There is also a lot more running around for the kids as they get older.
Between their different activities, play dates at friends and homework assignments - this leaves a lot less quality time for our relationship.
This is the first year that we have really had to "work" at our marriage.
Next weekend we are going to Toronto with the kids for a little day trip, and I am so excited to leave reality for even just a day and say Yes to new experiences and adventure!
Louis will be in the recording studio recording his new song while the kids and I attend a photo shoot for an upcoming campaign.
Before kids, Louis played in a band and his passion for music was one of the things that I was most attracted to. 
We used to travel to different cities for his shows and we would find new cafes to try or shops to explore.
I'm excited that as the kids get older it's getting a little easier to go on adventures with them like we used to before we started our family.
Although date nights are important, I'm starting to learn that your marriage grows in all different ways.
Through date nights just the two of us or adventures with our family.
I'm excited for our kids to see their daddy and his passion for music when he enters the studio.
It's totally going to bring me back to 2005 when I used to skip school to go hang out with my future hubby in the recording studio.

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