How To Make Instagram Highlight Menu Buttons

Happy Weekend Friends!

I wasn't planning on writing a blog post this weekend, but I have been getting so many DM's on Instagram asking how I created the Highlight Menu Buttons on my Instagram feed that I thought I would take the time to write a quick tutorial post for everyone!

If you have no clue what I am talking about here is what my feed looks like now.

You can see that I have my Highlights organized with nice labeled buttons for each category.
( Food + On The Blog + Events + Home + Travel + Try Ons)

Not only is this visually appealing to look at on an Instagram Feed, but this is such a useful feature for bloggers, because our readers can come to our Instagram page and be directed to exactly what they want to see.
It is very similar to having tabs at the top of a blog.

It's Brilliant and very easy to create! 

I created my buttons in the Canva app on my iPhone.
It is free to download and super user friendly.

Just Log in or Create an account then pick a template.
I chose the blank template but you can choose from a variety of different backgrounds or choose your own that works well with your Brand.

(For Example I wanted an Airplane Logo for my travel button so I uploaded a photo with an airplane)

Once you've selected the template you will see a plus sign icon to the bottom right of the screen.
Click that and choose "GRAPHICS" if you want to add an image.
You can edit the graphic colour to suit your brand or feed.
After this step click the plus sign icon again to add "TEXT".
Select the font and colour you want.
When finished click SHARE.

Once you click share it will bring you to your phones options - click SAVE IMAGE.
Go to your Instagram page and go to add a story as your normally would, this time adding your saved Canva image you just created. Once you publish that image to your story click the HIGHLIGHTS icon to the bottom right of the screen.

Select NEW and label the highlight. 
 I added the category text in my image so I chose to use a + symbol as the Highlight name to give it a clean look.

Once you have your Highlight Menu Button saved to your feed you can go back in at any time to that Highlight and select the MORE button the bottom right hand of the screen (like the image above) and select EDIT HIGHLIGHT where you will be directed to a page where you can select your ARCHIVED stories to keep adding to your stories.

I hope this answers all your questions but don't be shy to reach out to me if you still need help! 
I am way behind on my Instagram DMs but the best way to get an answer back is to shoot me an email at


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