My Current Top 10 Workout Songs

I always joke that I turn into a total gangster when I work out.
My workout play list is much different than the music I listen to in my everyday life.
Usually I'm listening to anything from Lana Del Rey to Paul Simon to The 1975, but when I hit the gym I turn into a total bad ass.

Anyone else a gym gangster? haha

I got together with Adriana of Chaos & Caffeine, who also happens to be my gym buddy and BFF, for an Instagram Live last week, where we shared our current Top 10 Work Out songs.

Although our shared obsession with the 90's band Hanson is one of the main reasons for our friendship forming 7 years ago, our taste in workout music are quite different! 
I won't say whose list is better, but lets just say she included Nickleback on her  playlist.........
I'll let you all be the judge! haha
(sorry Adriana!)

Here are my current Top 10 Workout Songs:

1. Humble - Kendrick Lamar
2. Bodak Yellow - Cardi B
3. Best I ever had - Drake
4. Sugar W'ere Going Down - Fall Out Boy
5. Mask Off - Future
6. Little Things - Good Charlotte
7. Fuck You - Lilly Allen
8. Every Day - Ariana Grande
9. Summer Bummer - Lana Del Rey
10. Symphony - Clean Bandit

What songs do you listen to while you sweat? Do we share any of the same favourite work out songs?
Let me know in the comments below! 

Check out Adriana's Top 10 Cardio Songs HERE.


  1. I have a toddler. We work out to the "Wiggles." ��

  2. Gotta check out your songs now. I listen to mostly trance when I workout.

  3. I can totally relate. I like in your face music in the gym as it gets our adrenaline going. I like your selections.

  4. OMG I totally forgot about Lily Allen's Fuck You. I used to love that song lol!! This is a great playlist! I also turn into a total gangster when at the gym/running. Gotta have those beats!!

    1. I love Lilly Allen so much! I forgot about her for a while too but recently fell in love with her music again, especially at the gym!

  5. you gotta love an upbeat song to workout to! I personally love angry music, lol! the harder the bass and the more swear words the better. Eminem is all over my playlist!

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