15 Things To Do During A No Spend Month

We are four days into the No Spend Challenge and so far so good!
I did slip up yesterday, which I wrote about over on this Instagram post.
I also had to spend today unexpectedly when I couldn't find any mitts for my son and my daughter told me last minute that her bathing suit was too small and she needs one for this Friday.
I've had a lot of people say it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do a No Spend because of things like the above popping up, but this challenge is all about forming better habits and being intentional with your money! 
I walked out of the store today with just the two items I went in for, where as if I wasn't doing the No Spend Challenge, I most likely would've given in to all the amazing sales around me, so I still count this as a WIN.

We tend to form habits of unnecessary spending, such as going to the drive thru everyday for coffee and often believe that we can't do anything FUN without spending, which isn't true at all.

 I've created a list of 15 Things To Do During A No Spend Challenge to give you some ideas.
Don't forget to Join my No Spend Month Facebook Group.
It's a place to be encouraged by others who are doing the same Challenge and it doesn't matter if you're starting today or next week! Do what you can.


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