Denim Dress with Sneakers Outfit

I shared this cute summer look with you on Instagram a few days ago, and had so many questions about the dress so I linked it for you in my stories.

Unfortunately, it was out of a lot of yall's clothing budget, which I totally understand!
This dress was gifted to me from a family member and I have three kids to feed - so I totally get being on a limited clothing budget.

The denim dress is by Dex and it's on sale right now, so for those that can spend a little more, I've linked it below but I've also rounded up a bunch of really cute denim dresses (and a few rompers) that are perfect for Summer for under $50!

I love denim dresses because they are super casual (totally my style) and can be paired with a cute pair of sneakers so I can still keep up with the kids! 


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