Living Simply

Yesterday was the last day of school for these three!
On to grade 4, 2 and SK next year which I can't wrap my head around.
How did time go by so fast? I really did blink and here we are.

If I'm being completely transparent with y'all, the last couple years of motherhood have been tough on me. 
I felt exhausted and used up to the max. Motherhood was draining me emotionally and physically.
I dreaded the kids being home during the summer because I didn't know how I would find the energy to keep them entertained without me being completely and utterly exhausted.
Just like anything, it takes work to be a good mother.
I needed to work on myself so I could better serve my family. 
Thankfully, I have finally come out of my funk.
I want the kids to look back at their childhood with fond memories of me as their mother, not look back and remember me always being exhausted and stretched thing barely holding it together.
I have found ways this past year to recharge and take time for myself, my marriage and my friends to fill me back up.
"You can't pour from an empty cup" is something I had to remind myself of constantly. 
I spent the last two years trying to do it all, and it backfired miserably.
I didn't like the person, the mother, the wife I was becoming and I am so happy to have found myself again.
I had to refuel.
I started saying no to events and reminding myself that I can't, nor do I want to do it all.
I intentionally made time for myself, spending nights having hot baths and reading books. 
I took the time to go for walks and take care of my physical health.
I spent time praying.
I spent time getting to know my husband again and really connecting with him.
I am so looking forward to spending this summer with my family.
Not saying yes to too many things and enjoying the simple things in life like backyard water balloon fights and day trips to the beach. 
The simple life, really is the best life.

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