Last Day Of Summer - Berry Picking

Lunches are packed, breakfast muffins are in the oven and the babes are asleep upstairs.
I can't believe Summer is over already.
Don't get me wrong, some of the Summer days felt LONG, but overall it was one of the best Summer's we've ever had.
We went on a few road trips, played at all the parks and had fun with friends and family.

Today was actually supposed to be a day of laundry and meal prep but plans changed when the kids decided to fight non stop all morning.
I knew that we had to get out of the house so I told everyone to get their shoes on and hop in the van.
They quickly snapped out of their grouchy moods and had fun guessing where we were going.
I was a little worried their expectations would be too high being as just within the last two weeks we did two road trips to new cities with all sorts of fun adventures.
When my oldest saw a sign for a pick your own farm she asked excitedly if that's where we were going and I gave in and told them before we had arrived.
To my relief, they were all THRILLED.

The wagon ride to the strawberry fields was definitely a highlight.
I loved teaching the kids all about the importance of eating locally as well.

This was just the kind of afternoon we needed after a rough morning and before I send the kiddos off to school. 
To be outdoors and work together as a team to find the best strawberries and fill our baskets.
The kids were so pleased with themselves for picking their own food and ate more strawberries than I've ever seen the eat in one sitting on the way home. 


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