Girls Shared Room - Cost Breakdown

Hope everyone had the most wonderful Christmas.
We had a great time celebrating with family at 3 different celebrations.
Christmas Eve we went to my in-laws where we have a feast of fish, a catholic tradition.
Christmas morning was spent at home followed by an afternoon at my dad and step moms and Boxing Day was spent with my mom and step dad.
It was so great spending time with family. 
We kept gifts minimal and only got the kid a few gifts we knew they would really love.
This way, they actually remember and appreciate what they are given and gives us the opportunity to really focus on what Christmas is, Jesus.
We also teach our children about Saint Nicholas, who was known for being generous. 
Generosity is defined as the quality of being kind and generous.
We let the kids pick gifts for extended family this year and they also had their hand in helping wrap and decorates the the gifts.
Of course, with young children instilling generosity is always a work in progress, but a quality we value in our family.

As promised, today I'm sharing the cost breakdown of the Girls Shared Room reveal.
Like I said in the original reveal post that you can find HERE , we worked on this room for over a year.
Partially because life got in the way, but this also helped budget wise.

We were also very fortunate to partner with Wayfair Canada who gifted us a few pieces to complete this room and local artist, Little Lief Creative who gifted us the Llama prints.

I'm so happy with how this closet transformed to work area turned out. 
The shelves are Bekvam spice racks from Ikea that I spray painted turquoise years ago and reused them for this space. 
You can find them HERE for $6.99
The gold flower bowl is also an Ikea find that we purchased last year for $19.99. 
You can find the bowl HERE.

The desk was a one of a kind clearance find at Home Sense Canada that I found for under $100.
The LED Cloche is a SALE item from 
It's still currently on sale for $14.00 down form $35.40 and it makes a perfect night light.
You can shop the sale HERE.
The Llama prints that I mentioned above are from artist Little Lief Creative.
They were gifted to us but they have animal prints starting as little as $9.75.
Visit the shop HERE.

The "Hello Beautiful" light switch frame is from Claires Boutiques.
This was also purchased sometime last year and while I can't remember the exact price, I know it was under $20.

This gorgeous pink chair was gifted to us from Wayfair Canada but you can find it HERE  on sale for $139.99 regular $163.99 for two chairs. They also come in a variety of colours. I have my eye on the green for our dining room. 

The chair is super comfy! 
I use the second chair in my office and it's been a game changer design and comfort wise.

The gorgeous blue and pink wall hanging was another clearance find from Home Sense Canada that I purchased for $15.
I happened to find it a few days before we finished up the room.
In my opinion, it completely makes the space and sets the tone for the room.

The standing mirror is the Knapper Standing Mirror from Ikea.
There are hooks on the back and room to hang up the girls dresses on the back which is perfect for their shared room since we took out the closet to make room for their desk area. 

You can find it HERE for $49.99

The bookshelf is the Flisat dollhouse from Ikea.
It can also be hung on the wall.

You can shop it HERE for $39.99

We created a sort of built-in look for the girls TV using the Ikea Songesand 6 Drawer dresser that you can shop HERE for $299  and the IKEA Kallax 8 cube shelf storage that you can shop HERE for $99. 
The baskets were found at a local store on clearance for $10 each.

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  1. It looks amazing! My sister and I share a bedroom but this looks way nicer

  2. What a gorgeous room, you've given me ideas for our children's shared room!

  3. That is such a cute shared room. We are planning to have another kid and are wanting to do a shared room. I love this look!

  4. Such a pretty room, love the decoration!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this post. I hope you will share something more. Commercial Window Cleaners


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