Simplify Your Makeup Routine with Maskcara Beauty

If you've been following me on Instagram , you know that I've recently become one of the very first Maskcara Beauty Artist's in Canada.

I first tried this 3D foundation last year on our trip to Oklahoma and fell in love!!

Unfortunately, it wasn't available in Canada at the time.
The end of March 2019 all my makeup dreams came true and the makeup was finally available for us Canadians!

This makeup is a GAME CHANGER you guys.

It's basically like walking around with a real life filter on your face!

It also simplifies this busy mamas life because my whole face can be achieved with one small compact that fits right in my purse and it's designed for the every day girl in mind! You don't need any makeup experience.

If you're interested in checking out the makeup yourself go HERE
I'm also happy to give you a FREE custom colour match, all you have to do is fill out THIS form. 

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