3D Foundation


What is 3D Foundation?
It's your entire makeup routine in one compact by Seint Beauty.
Instead of applying multiple layers of makeup, you apply one layer with your custom one palette makeup.
The starter palette consists of your Main Highlight {foundation}, Brightening Highlight {concealer}, Contour & Lip+Cheek colour, goes in one simple layer saving you tons of time! 

The goal is simple: have flawless makeup while saving you time and storage! 
It's so easy, literally anyone can achieve a beautiful makeup look! 

Above: The Cheetah HAC method
You can apply the makeup by dotting your makeup in key areas and simply blending out the cream foundation from lightest colour to darkest colour with Seint's double ended brush. 
You can also just apply with a brush straight from the tin. 
The cool thing is, because it's cream, you need a very tiny amount to go a long way. 

How to Order Seint in Canada and the USA
You can order your makeup right from the Seint website.
If you want to have a custom shade match before purchasing, you can fill out 
and I can help match the colours to your skin tone! I'm trained in online colour matching and have colour matched thousands of women! 

Once you order, your makeup will arrive right at your doorstep. 

On average, highlight foundation tins last 2-4 months. Contour tins last 3-6 months, lip + cheek tins typically last 6-12 months, and illuminators last 9-12 months. You really only need to replace things when you need them, saving time, space and money! These tins are only $14 USD/ $20 CAD each.


Holiday Gift Guide For Tween/Teen Girls


I polled my audience on Instagram a couple weeks ago, asking what Gift Guides you would like to see the most and I had a huge ask to share what my own tweens were asking for this Christmas. 
All the items on the above Gift Guide are actual items my two daughters {ages 10.5 + 12.5} have on their Christmas Wish List. 

Happy Shopping! 

* Use Code KELSEYDIANEBLOG10% on the blue light glasses + Hair Claws *

* The above links are affiliate links which means I make a small commission when you choose to purchase through my links at no cost to you! * 


$90 Beauty Bonus with Seint Artist Starter Kit



On top of the $600 worth of products you normally get in the Seint Artist Kit, if you sign up to be an artist 
anytime between now and July 31st, you will receive a BEAUTY bonus that you can use to shop additional Seint products for FREE! 

If you are in Canada you will receive a $90 CAD bonus, USA will receive $65 USD!

This is HUGE!!!! 
We have NEVER in the history of our company held an artist incentive sign up like this outside of the artist birthday that happens once a year.

This kit below has completely changed mine and my families lives.

The makeup has decluttered by vanity drawers, makes me feel beautiful and has saved me tons of time and money.

The business has given us a new home, time & financial freedom and has brought some of my very best friends into my life! 

While I was SUPER hesitant to say YES to this opportunity when it was presented to me two years ago, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life and I am beyond grateful this opportunity was presented to me, which is why I have to share it with YOU.

With this Kit you get SOOO much makeup and can do so much with it! 
And the cool part is that you get access to myself and our amazing to team to help you get started! 

You can grab your kit HERE 

Once you've grabbed your kit, I'll be in touch with you to hook up up with all of our teams amazing resources like trainings on social media, colour matching and more! You will never be alone in this journey! 


Pop Of Colour Summer Look

I've been loving adding bold pops of colour in my makeup routine lately.


Main Highlight: JUNE
Brightening Highlight { under eyes & tone }: LINEN
Contour: INDIGO


Inner Corners: BAYOU




How to Get Your Makeup to Last All Day

 As a top 1% beauty mentor, one of the most common questions I get is 

"How do I get my makeup to last all day?"

Today I am going to share 3 products that will help you get that staying power you've been wanting! 

First up is the
This primer quickly minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines, is oil-free and creates a matte canvas for your makeup application allowing your makeup to last all day. 

Good for: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily skin types

Next up is 

This bundle helps keep the shine away and ensure that your makeup stays put all day.

Vanilla Dust Setting Powder blurs and softens your look without leaving behind a dry or powdery finish, while the Power Powder Brush is designed to press that powder in without disturbing your makeup.

Good for: Normal, Combination, and Oily skin types

Last is 

Stay Setting Spray is a liquid mist used for a longer lasting makeup application.

 Formulated to set your flawless face, this freshly-scented multi-tasking mist can be used to prime your skin, tame your brows, and keep your makeup feeling and looking beautiful all day long.

Good for: Normal, Dry Combination, and Oily skin types

For oily skin, use before and after your makeup application for maximum staying power.

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