Design Plans for New Shared Girls Room

Since we have sold our house we have been thinking of new design ideas for the girls shared room with the input of our oldest daughter, Emma.
We know it will be a big adjustment for the girls, Emma especially, leaving her first home and room to move into her Grandparents home.
We wanted her to know that her and her sisters new room would be just as special as her current room.
She decided she wanted a pink and aqua themed room.
We have made a few small purchases already and have been pinning away tons of fun ideas.

I can't wait to get started on their room!
We have a beautiful Maple Desk stored at Louis Parents house that we are going to Paint a bright Aqua colour just like in the inspiration above.
I also love the idea of curtains instead of a door for the closet!
We decided we are going to go with bunk beds to save on space.
We are going to look for a bunk with a full bed on the bottom because I have a hunch the girls are going to want to sleep in the same bed.


Selling our First Home

I mentioned in my last post that we had sold our house.
We sold a few weeks ago after being on the market for only a couple of days!
We have been talking about listing our house for the past year or so but we couldn't find a house that we loved in our price range in the area we wanted.
Right now we live in a small town about 20 minutes away from the nearest mall & hospital and a 1 hour commute away from Louis' work.
We were so blessed to be able to buy our first home shortly after we had our first daughter Emma 4 years ago.
I was only 20 when we bought and Louis was 23.
We bought right from the builder so we got to pick everything exactly to our taste and got to move into a brand new house!!!
We were over the moon thrilled about buying our first house but after about 6 months we both knew that this wouldn't be our forever house.
We didn't love the location at all, or the commute Louis had to work, the schools that are nearby don't have the greatest reputation and we were further from most friends and family.
 So where are we moving now that we have sold our house?
Right back to where we started - with my dad.
I have had people tell me that we are crazy for this decision but I know it is the right decision for our family right now.
The reason we were fortunate enough to purchase our first home at such a young age was that instead of renting we opted to live with my dad instead to be able to save to buy a house and we are going to make the same wise decision again to be in the location we want for our family.
Emma will be starting Kindergarten this September and we would like her to be in school the town we hope to buy a house in the next few years.
Living with my dad will of course have some sacrifices but overall the pros outweigh the cons.
We are so fortunate in that we will have as much living space as we do in our current house.
We will have our own living room,the girls will still be sharing a room, we will have our own big room and the baby will have his own as well.
Sure sometimes it might be a struggle both on my dad and step moms part to have 5 extra bodies (and a dog) in their home but also a great blessing for them to be able to watch their grandchildren reach new milestones and be there to see things they wouldn't have if we were still living in our own house.
We will have some extra help raising our children for a few years and have the opportunity to save money to buy a house in the next few years in the location we want without breaking the bank.
Family is number one and we are thankful for this opportunity and would do the same when our children need the help when they are older.
Some pictures to remember our very first home by.
Our House when we used to go visit it every weekend before it was fully completed.

So excited that our first house is almost move in ready!

Girls Bathroom Before

Girls Bathroom After

Our living room in 2010


Our Living Room in 2011

Our Living Room in 2012


Our Real Estate Listing 

Pregnancy Update....It's a......

It has been over a month since my last blog post!!
I have not been the best blogger lately.
In my defence - I have had a lot going on!
I have been working more hours at work and we just sold our house!
Lots of big changes in the future that I am really excited about :)
Plus I have been going to bed by 8 pm - life of a mama to 2 kids under age 4 with one on the way!
We found out on Valentines Day that we are having our first
We are over the moon excited!!!! I couldn't believe it when they told us at the ultrasound and my husband even had tears in his eyes he was so thrilled!!!
Emma couldn't be more excited and Audrey is too young to understand that she will soon have someone to share her love of trains and cars :)
Here is a quick pregnancy update.

Big Sister Emma Kissing Baby

 How far along are you
25 weeks
Maternity ClothesAre a MUST
Stretch MarksNo new ones...but my tummy is really itchy! Hope this doesn't mean more are in the making.
SleepNo Issues
Best Moment of the WeekFeeling baby's kicks - I think baby has been feet down up until this week and I could only feel muffled really low movements before.
A lot more movement this week! Finally!Food CravingsNone really
Food AversionsNo food aversions anymore!
This mama has a full appetite now :)
Labor SignsLots of cramping for the past couple of weeks when I do too much activity!
Must be braxton hicks.
What I missHaving a full wardrobe to choose from
What I`m looking forward toFirst OB appointment on Wednesday

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