Mama's Hospital Bag Must Haves

Packing your hospital bag can be very overwhelming!
You don't want to over pack but it is a nightmare to under pack as well!
Our 3rd baby is due to arrive in 11 short weeks!
Before we know it we will be a family of 5!!!!
Since our house closes just a month before my due date I felt I should have my bag packed well ahead to be extra prepared as I know it will be a chaotic couple of months before our sons arrival.
Here is what I will be packing in my hospital bag.
(I use a small carry on luggage suitcase for my hospital bag - easy to transport and just enough room)

Hospital Bag Must Haves
8 Pairs of Maternity Underwear
It may seem like a lot of underwear but trust me you will need this many pairs of underwear even if you are only in the hospital a couple of days. I made the mistake of not bringing enough underwear after having our first daughter - won't make that mistake again.
Maxi Pads 
I recommend bringing a full pack of pads.
I use Kotex Unscented Overnight Pads with Wings.
After having a baby you will need a lot of coverage as your flow is generally pretty heavy the first couple of days.
2 Nursing Bras and Nursing Pads
If you plan on breastfeeding you will definitely need nursing bras and Nursing Pads.
I recommend bringing disposable and fabric nursing pads.
Slippers & Socks
You don't want to walk around the cold hospital floors in your bare feet so make sure you bring your most comfy pair of slippers and a few pairs of socks. Even if it is the summer you will want to be cozy! 
Night Gown & Pair of PJ's
I like to bring both so I have the option. You don't know how hot/cold your room will be.
Night Gown
To stay warm and cover up your behind when walking to the bathroom in the hospital gowns!
Make Up BagThere will be many pictures taken of you and baby by friends and family and if you are anything like me you will want to look your best.
ToiletriesToothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Mouth Wash, Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Baby Wipes (I use these for makeup remover), Deodorant, Lip Chap, Shampoo, Conditioner
Hair Straightener, Blow Dryer, Brush
Giving birth is not an easy task! Chances are you are going to look and feel like you haven't showered in weeks after. You will want to freshen up to feel human again afterwards.
Towel and Wash Cloths
Again, you are going to want to be clean after giving birth!
Lounge Outfit
You will probably be in your hospital gown or PJS most of your hospital stay but I like to bring a cute lounge outfit. Usually the second day you are feeling icky and want to change into some clothes after showering so you can feel like yourself again but you want to be comfortable as you will be sore from giving birth!
Going Home Outfit
Something comfy! Even though you just gave birth you will still look like you are 5 months pregnant for quite some time. My go to outfit after giving birth is leggings, an over sized shirt, a cute scarf and flats!
You are going to have paperwork to fill out, you will want to have your ID on you.
And you will need your bank card or credit cards.
Pillow and Pillowcase
You will want to be comfortable and lets face it - those plastic pillows they provide you with in the hospitals are less than comfortable!
Phone and Charger
No need to explain this.
Camera and SD Card
You will want to take 5 million pictures of your new bundle of joy.

What did you pack in your hospital bag?I'm linking up over at Wifessionals  today.
Hop on over to find out what some other mama's pack in their hospital bags.


8 Years

{This picture is so us}
8 Years ago today I went on my first "date" with the man I would later marry and have children with!
Okay - so it wasn't exactly a "date".
 8 Years ago today I brought the guy I was REALLY interested in to a party in the bush.
Anyone that knows my husband knows this is NOT the way to impress him.
He is not into partying or drinking and especially not in bushes!!
In my defence though, I was only 16.
Poor guy thought we were going to the movies but at the last minute I had heard about a party that I thought would be fun!
He still tells me that after that night he literally walked in his front door and said to himself
"What the f*** was that?"
I must have really left an impression on him because here I am 8 years later writing about our 8 year Anniversary.
Thank you Louis for the best 8 years!
Who would've thought that night at the bush party we would be close to 5 years of marriage, 2 kids and one on the way later.
Love you!







Living Room Inspirations


I mentioned in this post that we sold our 1st home to move into my dads house for a while until we find our perfect house.
We are so lucky that he has more than enough space for our family that will soon be 5 plus a dog.
Not only will we still all have our own rooms (with the exception of the girls sharing which they already do in our current home) we also have a living room that my dad has given us to use and design to our taste. I've been spending way too many hours browsing and pinning on Pinterest inspirations for our new living room. The middle of our new living room has an old brick fireplace so I wanted to stick with a more timeless theme for the room that will never be outdated.




I've been loving the Gold trend lately that is showing up everywhere.
I want lots of gold Frames and Accents in our new Living Room. I also love mixing textures and patterns - leathers with fabrics. I like the idea of an ottoman instead of a coffee table - especially when we will have 3 little ones under age 5 running around. I am also thinking of the layering of mirrors on a mantel.

La-Z-Boy Mom Cave

A few months ago I saw this contest on Pinterest where you could win a $5,000 furniture prize package from La-Z-Boy. The basic rules of the contest were that you had to create a board on Pinterest of what your Dream Mom Cave would look like. What mama doesn't dream of her very own mom cave? I put my design cap on and started pinning away! My dream Mom Cave would consist of lots of light and beachy colours - white, greys, teals etc. It would be fun and comfortable! A fun place to hang out with a bunch of girlfriends or a place to go to be inspired and craft in! A couple of weeks ago I got an email and found out I was the Grand Prize Winner of the La-Z-Boy $5,000 Furniture Prize Package!! :) I am beyond excited to create a space of my very own with La-Z-Boy!! You can find my winning Pinterest Board in the link below.

I linked up at  Serenity Now


Don't Mess With a Good Thing {A Recipe}

In the times of Pinterest I think a lot of us mamas try to go above and beyond in everything we do.
Whether it be throwing the birthday party of the year or hosting the best dinner party we are obsessed with details and outdoing ourselves and others around us.
I have been re evaluating life lately as I've been feeling really overwhelmed and I made a promise to myself and my family that I will try to live this year as simply as I possibly can.
I figure my kids wont remember every detail of their birthday parties but they will remember the time I spend with them.
So here's to making this year a more simple!
In the theme of all things simple I leave you with a simple classic chip dip recipe!

 Onion Chip Dip

Ingredients:1 package of Lipton's Onion Soup Mix
Sour Cream

Mix the soup mix into the sour cream and enjoy :)
Sometimes you just don't mess with a good thing - why spend hours slaving in a kitchen when you can serve an easy and delicious classic party pleaser!

I linked up over at Classy Clutter & Serenity Now

Baby Must Haves

This morning while I was getting ready for work I checked my
What to Expect When Expecting Iphone App like I do every morning.
I know I've been pregnant the last 6 plus months but today when I clicked the app and saw 
13 Weeks 3 days
it REALLY hit me.....holy crap people....we are going to have a new baby boy in 13 weeks 3 days!!!!
I think it is about time we start preparing for this new life that is about to enter our family.
It got me thinking about some baby must have items.

1. Stroller
For obvious reasons. To show off that new bundle of joy on walks! :) In our case we will need a double stroller with a 4 year old, 2 year old and newborn. We are going with the Chicco Cortina Together Stroller.
2. Car Seat
You will need this if you want to be able to leave the hospital with baby :)
We bought the Chicco Key Fit Infant Car Seat.
3. Swaddle Blanket
You would think I would be a master swaddler with baby #3 on the way but the truth is I could never get that swaddling technique down. This is why Summer's SwaddleMe Blankets are genius and a major newborn must have!
4. Breast Pump
If you are breastfeeding you are going to want a breast pump.
I used one to store milk so that daddy and big sister could help feed and also it helped with baby's latch believe it or not! I recommend an electric breast pump and there are many to chose from. I hear a lot of good things about the Medela Pump.
5. Diapers
Your baby IS going to poop and pee A LOT. Diapers are a MUST! :)
6. Bottles
Even if you are planning on exclusively breastfeeding it is always a good idea to have diapers on hand.
You never know how breastfeeding will turn out and you may need to resort to bottles as an emergency.
With our second daughter, Audrey, we used Tommee Tippee bottles and they were great for transitioning from breast to bottle. They also make a great newborn starter kit that comes with bottles, bottle carrier, bottle warmer, bottle steriliser etc.
7. Baby Wipes
You are going to use these for many years to come! Not only do you need them to wipe your baby's bottom they are great for cleaning dirty faces and hands, taking of makeup, cleaning up spills etc.
8. Bassinet
We like to keep our babes close by the first couple of months and the bassinet is the perfect tool to do so.
I love this adorable Fox Bassinet from Babies R Us.
9. Diaper Bag
When you have a newborn you basically need to pack like you are going on vacation every time you leave the house! Make sure you get a diaper bag big enough to fit diapers, wipes, bottles, change of clothes for baby and you and more!
10. Baby Monitor
For Peace of mind and safety of baby :) We have never had a video monitor but this baby I would really like to purchase one! Summer Infant makes one that is affordable.
11. Receiving Blankets
 You will want plenty of these! You will use them for burping, laying baby on, swaddling baby, changing baby on etc etc.
12. Baby Nightgowns
Even though I am having a boy he will still be wearing baby nightgowns! They make night time changes a breeze! I love these ones from baby Gap.
13. Onesies
When your baby is not in sleepers he/she will live in onesies - especially in the warm summer months.

What were your baby Must Haves?

26 week Pregnancy Update

Happy April Fools Everyone!
I can't believe it is April 1st already!
Only 13 weeks 4 days until our first son is due!
Cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by!
Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend :)
This year we had 2 Easter lunches to go to and one Easter dinner and the girls were spoiled by the Easter Bunny. :)

How far along are you

26 weeks
Maternity ClothesYes!
I have gained 27 pounds already this pregnancy eeek!!
Stretch MarksJust the ones I have from my previous pregnancies.
SleepI've had really bad restless legs this week so sleeping has been a challenge.
Best Moment of the WeekGoing to the farm with the girls for their Easter Egg Hunt.
Can't wait for baby Luca to join us next year.
A lot of movement really really low!
This boy is already giving me greys!!!
He is so low and kicks my bladder and cervix all day long - he's trouble already :)
Food CravingsBroccoli! Yum! Can't get enough.
Food Aversions
Labor Signs
Still cramping if I do too much - trying to take it easy!
This baby still has to lots more cooking to do before he can arrive :)
What I missNothing this week - just enjoying every moment of this pregnancy.
What I`m looking forward to
Maternity shoot later on this month :)

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