Friday I'm In love

Happy Friday :)
Fridays are my favourite day of the week.
It's the last day of a chaotic week and pizza night in our house.
I'm especially excited about this weekend as our wonderful neighborhood has come together to open up an outdoor skating rink at the park right around the corner from us!
I'm excited to start a new feature on my blog called "Friday, I'm in Love" where I will feature all of my favourite things from the week.
 I thought Friday I'm in Love seemed appropriate as I'll be featuring the things I love & it is the song my husband and I walked down the aisle to at our wedding back in 2008.
 Comment below and let me know some of your favourite finds from the week or
you can find me here on Instagram.

Favourite Pop Of Colour
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Favourite Hair
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Favourite Interior
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Favourite Quote
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