Friday Favourites - April 1st 2016

Happy Friday Guys! 
What is everyone up to this weekend?
Weather permitting, we are having our new doors installed this weekend! 
Its supposed to snow 2cm tonight but I'm just going to convince myself that the weather man is wrong.
I've started working some shifts on the weekend to save up for some projects so Sunday will be spent at work.
Here are some things I've been loving lately.

This  Rachel Platten Song and this Gwen Stefani Song have been playing on repeat.

Jones Design Company Blog I love her design style and used to read her blog religiously and forgot about it for a while! So happy I found it again.

Beating 50% by Audrey and Jeremey Rollof.
This blog is all about thriving for a better than average marriage and beating the 50% and giving more than 50% to your spouse.

Hope Everyone has a great weekend!

What are you loving lately? I'd love to know.
 Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram

Kelsey ox.

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