A letter to my THREE year old.

Mr. Luca Henry - today you are THREE years old!
I would be lying if I said that I didn't know where the time went, because these last three years have felt long!
In the three short years you have been alive, we have gone through a lot of changes as a family!
From selling our first home when we found out about my pregnancy with you, to living with extended family while our second house was being built, to leaving my career to be a full time stay at home mom, to selling our second home and moving to a whole new city!
It has been a busy three years to say the very least.
I still remember the moment I learned I was pregnant with you.
Your older sisters were 3.5 & 1.5.
Your daddy and I were young, only 23 and 26 years old, and people told us that our hands were full.
We knew our family didn't feel complete and then we found out we were expecting you!
I took a pregnancy test in the bathroom at work one Friday, because I was leaving to go away to a friends wedding, and something felt different.
I wasn't expecting a positive test but when I saw those two lines I was over the moon excited.
We sold our car to upgrade to a mini van so we had enough room for you and listed our first home for sale so we could pay off some debt and be in a better financial situation for your arrival.
I remember going for the gender ultrasound and finding out you were a boy!
Your daddy cried, he was so excited.
We moved when I was only a couple months away from your due date, which looking back now, seems insane!
The first few days after you were born were the hardest and scariest days I have ever been through.
When you were born, they rushed you into the NICU, because they thought something was wrong with your heart. 
They discharged me before you and told me I could go home while you stayed in the NICU.
There was no way that was happening, so I paid to sleep in a room with 4 other moms on the maternity ward.
My heart broke seeing you in that room with all these wires hooked up to you.
I wanted to be by your side all the time, but I was told that wasn't allowed.
I was so relieved when you were finally discharged, but the hospital instructed us to go straight to a heart specialist to get an ultrasound of your heart the morning you were released.
I was terrified. 
I was overjoyed when the specialist told us that everything looked just fine.
After having two babies who didn't like to sleep much at all, it was such a blessing to have a baby like you who slept through the night as soon as you came home from the hospital.
You were a quiet, easy going baby who didn't fuss much at all.
You were slow to start talking, and the Dr's were concerned, but I knew you would start when you were ready, and boy once you started you didn't stop!
You love to ask questions and tell all kinds of stories.
For such a quiet baby, you sure surprised me when you became one of the most active toddlers I had ever seen!
You are constantly on the go and every day is a learning experience for both of us!
As a toddler, you are up when the sun is up and fight to stay up just a little bit later every night.
You are strong willed and try so hard to do everything that your older sisters do.
You love to take your sisters toys and bother them every chance you get, but if they're ever upset, your the first one to comfort them and offer kisses. 
You love people and say Hi to everyone you see.
If older kids are outside playing sports, your not afraid to ask to join in, and love hanging out with the older boys.
You have the most unique, contagious laugh.
Your laugh could cheer up even the saddest of people.
You made our family complete and I hope you know how much we all love you.
I can't wait to watch you grow and see what lies ahead for you this year! 
No one can drive me as crazy as you do, but I love every ounce of you wild boy and 
I'm so thankful I get to be your Mommy.
I hope that all your dreams come true!



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