Luca's Big Boy Room Reveal

I'm so excited to FINALLY share Luca's Big Boy Room with you! 
I feel like this room took FOREVER to complete, but it was well worth the wait.
This room was by far the most unattractive bedroom of the house when we moved in and now it's my absolute favourite.
I still have some updates I would like to make, such as new flooring, but for now its complete.
You can see the rooms that inspired this makeover here.

The makeover started by painting the interior of his door a bold blue which I wrote about here.
I love a monochromatic room but I also think it's important to remember that a kids room should be fun! 
Painting Luca's door Blue was probably the boldest paint job I've ever done and now I want to paint all my doors a fun colour! 
We scored the blue pendant light from Ikea in the Clearance section and it was under $20! 
The fishbowl fun frame on the shelf is from Modern Moose.
You can get a better view of it in the Youtube Video I made at the end of this post.


The black hanging basket and green frames are from Ikea and the prints inside are from local artist Little Lief Creative
The lightning bolt wall decals are from a Canadian Decal Company, Urban Walls.
The decals really made the room come together. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw how much fun our kids had helping us put them up on the wall. 
I was a little scared of wall decals before I tried them but now I wish I used them sooner!
They are SO easy to apply to the wall and they really transform any room.

I uploaded a little video tour of Luca's room to Youtube.
I apologize for the horrible lighting and quality of the video.
We just filmed it on a whim with my husbands iPhone. 



8 Benefits Of Marrying Young

8 Benefits of Marrying Young 

Eight years ago today, we got married.
I was nineteen and knew a whole lot of nothing.
The one thing I did know, was that you were the one for me.
Everyone warned me not to rush into marriage.
I would ruin my life by marrying so young, they said.
They were so wrong.
Marrying you at a young age was one of the best things to happen to me.
To Celebrate our 8 Year Anniversary I came up with 8 Benefits to Getting Married Young.
(I don't believe marrying young is for everyone, but here are 8 reasons why it was right for me)

We Grew Up Together 
I was 19 when we got married. 
We were so young and had no idea the amount of growing up we had to do.
You learn SO much about who you are in your 20s, and I got to do this with my husband by my side.
We had each other for support through hard times, and were each others cheerleaders in the good times.

Meshing Our Lives Together Was Easy
Before we got married, we lived with our parents.
We weren't accustomed to living on our own.
It was easy and a very exciting to create our lives together from scratch.

We Learned Important Life Lessons Early On 
Parenthood. Bills. Mortgage. Debt. Insurance. 
Getting married young forces you to grow up fast.
While our friends were out partying and studying, we were buying our first home & becoming parents.
We learned all about the "hard real world" stuff before most people even ventured out into the "real" world.
We learned all about mortgage rates, down payments, building an emergency fund and boring stuff like the importance of Life Insurance and RRSPs all before we turned 25. 

We Know What It's Like To Be Really Broke
Chances are, if you are getting married anytime before the age of 25, you are probably pretty broke.
When we got married, we didn't have a cent to our name.
We know what it's like to work together in hard times, and to work toward goals together.

We Had Drive
By the time I was 24, we had been married 5 years and were the proud parents of three children ages 4 & under.
(This sort of blows my mind reading this to myself)
Having three young children really gave us the push to take the risks we may have been too afraid to take had we not started our family so young.
Asking for that raise or promotion isn't as scary when you have mouths to feed.

We Will Still Be Young When Our Children Are Grown Up
By the time I'm 44, our three children will all be over the age of 20.
Many say we gave up our "freedom" in our 20's, but we have been on many fun adventures as a family and god willing, we will have a whole lot of new adventures as husband and wife in our 40s, 50s, 60s etc. 

When you marry young, you learn to be really grateful.
You learn that nothing in life is handed to you and anything worthwhile takes a lot of hard work.

Photos By : AMP Studios


Healthy Buffalo Chicken Wrap

I posted this photo of my lunch on Instagram last week and a lot of you have been asking for the recipe.
I literally have been making this for lunch everyday that Ive been home this summer, because its THAT good and super easy and quick to throw together.


1 Chicken Breast 
Franks Red Hot Sauce
Plain Yogurt
Diced Tomato 
 Diced Avocado 
Iceberg Lettuce
Ranch Dressing

Cook chicken how you want.
 I've tried it on the bbq, pan fried and in the oven. 
My favourite is grilled but all three ways work fine.

Cut chicken into small chunks and put into a mixing bowl.

Add Hot Sauce.
I don't usually measure I just put in a decent amount because I RALLY love hot sauce.

Add Plain Yogurt.
I usually put 1-2 tbs.

Mix the Chicken, Hot Sauce & Yogurt together until chicken is covered.

Take two leaves of Iceberg Lettuce and fill with the chicken, avocado and tomato.

Drizzle with Ranch Dressing.

This recipe makes just enough or one serving.


Luca's Big Boy Room Makeover - A Fun Door

Hey Guys!
It's been almost a month since I shared my inspiration for Luca's Big Boy Room Makeover.
Life has been super busy with all three kids home all day everyday,
As much as I love my children - I forgot how chaotic it is with all three kids home all day everyday!
My grandpa who I am really close with, was admitted into the hospital a few weeks ago, so Ive been spending a lot of time with family and the room makeover is happening - but a lot slower than anticipated.

I thought I had more before photos of the room from the MLS listing but unfortunately I lost them all.
This basically sums up how the room looked before.
Boring Beige Walls & an old yellowy sliding closet door.
It was a sad looking room that I couldn't wait to get my hands on!

I recently purchased John and Sherry of Young House Love's new book, and fell in love with the green door in their sons nursery.
I knew I wanted to stick with a very neutral but bright wall colour for Luca's room but I also wanted fun pops of colour.
Painting the door was the perfect way to add some fun colour! 

We used a semi-gloss paint by CIL in a King Fisher Blue.
I've never painted a door such a bright colour before and I was a little nervous after I applied the first coat.
 It looked pretty awful, but by the third coat I was so glad I took the leap and painted the door something a little out of my usual comfort zone.
I started by painting the panels with a brush them used a foam roller for the rest of the door.



The photos here don't do justice for how amazing the door looks in person! 
These were shot in horrible lighting with my iPhone but you get the idea :) 

Would you ever paint a door a bright colour? 
I was so nervous but now I want to do it again! 
Leave a comment below and let me know.


Never Lose A Sock Again with U.S.H

I'm so excited to share the launch of a new product that all my mama friends need in their lives - The U.S.H.  
(Unmatched Sock Hanger)
What mom doesn't know the struggle of missing socks? 
Seriously....The struggle is REAL.
I was approached by Joey, the inventor of The U.S.H, to be a part of this campaign alongside some other incredible mommy bloggers. 
I've been using mine for a few weeks now and I'm really impressed with the durability and functionality of the product.
Laundry for our family of five is something I can never seem to keep up with. 
I have a hard time keeping our laundry organized and we are often searching for missing items, and now thanks to The U.S.H, socks are one less thing I have to worry about!

 The U.S.H can also be used for organizing many other things - from jewelry to our weekly schedules & more!
Check out this video to see some of the amazing and creative ways the team of bloggers working on this campaign came up with! 
I take an insane amount of photos, but sadly never get around to displaying them because I find it too time consuming to take them in and out of photo frames.
  I love the idea of using The U.S.H to display my families photos quickly without any hassle!                 

With the kids home for Summer Break, its more important then ever to stay organized during the week.
The kids like to know what were up to for the week in advance and The U.S.H is the perfect way to display a weekly Schedule!
We had some paint chips lying around the house, so I wrote out an activity for each day of the week and hung them up on The U.S.H.
The kids loved this Visual Reminder and asked if they could be involved in writing out the Schedule for the next week.

What creative way would you use The U.S.H?

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