Spring Fashion For Kids With Drake General Store

Can you believe we are only a few days away from May?  
Anyone else have "It's going to be me (may)" by Nsync stuck in their heads? No? Give it a few weeks I'm sure you will!
April was a super busy month for us with Easter and our oldest daughters baptism and first communion.
It was also the 12 year anniversary of our first date, and we were SO busy that we forgot all about it until after the fact.
 I feel like I just blinked and here we are at the end of the month.
We are in the midst of Spring but since we live in Canada, that means we cant pull out all those cute summer dresses just yet - sorry kids!
I hear Alberta even has snow still?! AH!

A couple weeks ago I hosted the #highchairhangouts after party with the Drake General Store.
The kids got to be a part of this awesome photoshoot and had a blast trying on these super cute clothes.
 Louisa of photos by weez was the awesome photographer on set.
She got some music playing ( Beyonce and Ed Sheeran ) and the kids had one big dance party!
They were totally in their element.

If you are a mama, you probably dread dressing your kids in the morning this time of year.
It's so cold in the mornings still but by the afternoon it gets so warm.
My kids are so confused this time of year! haha
We chose some great transitional pieces from the Drake General Store for the kids.
I'm obsessed with the Levi's shorts Audrey is wearing in the photos above.
Shorts can totally be pulled off in the Spring if you pair them with a long sleeve tee and a beanie to keep those ears warm on those chilly mornings.
( The Arborist beanies the kids are wearing are on sale for $8.50 right now!!)

 Luca found and fell in love with this amazing Sesame Street Crew Sweatshirt by Arborist.
It's perfect on top of a short sleeve Tee for the morning walk to school.
Drake General Store also has matching clothes for adults and kids which is pretty friggen awesome!!
Head over to drakegeneralstore.ca to check it out!


Visiting The Garden Galaxy

Happy Monday!
This weekend went by way too quickly!
This was the first real spring weekend we've had so far this year.
The sun was shining, it was warm & there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Our oldest daughter went for a sleepover at her cousins, so we went exploring with our two youngest children.
We went for a long drive with the music loud and windows open.
We ended up at our favourite Garden Gallery, or as Luca likes to call it, The Garden Galaxy. 

It also happened to be Earth Day so we decided to let the kids pick something each to plant.
We ended up in the Herb section where you could choose 5 herbs for $10.
The kids picked mint, basil and chamomile.
We also decided on oregano and rosemary. 

We have the herbs inside in our kitchen right now and I'm still unsure if we are going to plant them outdoors eventually, or not.
I don't have a great track record for keeping plants alive, I seriously kill them all, so if you have any tips please leave them in the comments below!

Also I've linked up some similar items to my outfit because some of you were asking me on IG.
I couldn't find the exact purse that you were all asking about :( but its by Christian Lacroix and I got it Marshalls a few months ago.


Makeover Reveal with Studio V Beauty


Mommy Makeover Behind The Scenes

A few months ago I went to see Vanessa, owner of Studio V Beauty, for a long over due hair cut.
I knew of her from highschool but had never had my hair done by her.
From the moment I sat in her chair, I knew that she was going to be my go to stylist!
She is so passionate about what she does and is unbelievably talented. 
I absolutely love her and I know you guys will too, check out her instagram here and show her some love.

Last month, we got together for one of my favourite collaborations I've done yet!
As busy moms, we understand how easy it is to put ourselves last, so we thought it would be fun to spoil a mama who is too busy to take care of herself with a full makeover.
We had so many amazing entries with truly heartfelt stories!
The winner of the giveaway was Tracey, a hardworking mom of three boys, her youngest has down syndrome. 
She was nominated by a friend who says Tracey always puts herself last and never lets others down.

We spent the day with Tracey and shared the whole makeover process start to finish on Instastories.
It was so much fun getting to know her and learn about her incredible family.
I think it's so important for mothers to remember that it's important we take care of ourselves too.
We can't pour from an empty cup.

I can't wait for you guys to see the final result of this wonderful makeover!
Lets just say, it had us all in tears!

Come back to the blog for Thursdays post to see the complete after look!

Kelsey, ox. 

All photos by Stephanie of SN Photography

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