Encouraging Sibling Bonds With Enchantimals

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mattel Canada for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My girls can be like Night and Day, and just like many other siblings, they have been fighting like crazy lately. 
I don't know if it is their ages, or what, but they've started being really mean to each other, which is not cool with this mama. 
Everything was starting to become a competition of who was better at what, who had more of this or that. 
So when I was asked to partner with Mattel's to Meet the Enchantimals, whose core message focuses on caring and special bonds - it was a no brainer
Truth be told, in our home we don't buy gifts for the kids just because. 
Toys are purchased for holidays, birthdays or to celebrate a great accomplishment - so I knew receiving these dolls would be a great opportunity to use as a learning tool. 
 I told the girls that I had this opportunity for them to receive a new line of dolls to play with on two conditions: 
1  - They had to work on being kinder to one another until the dolls arrived. 
 2-  Once the dolls arrived, they could not fight over who got which doll - they had to share the dolls together. 
The girls were SO excited for their new dolls to arrive. 
They had a million questions about what the Enchantimals would be like. 
I explained to them that they were a group of girls who each have a bond with their special animal friends and who believed in being caring and compassionate. 
The dolls finally arrived one morning, and I won't lie, they started fighting over who would get to play with what doll as soon as we opened the box. 
I quickly reminded them that the Enchantimals didn't like fighting and if they wanted the privilege of playing with these dolls they had to treat each other like friends treat one another. 
After a little convincing, they started playing together with the dolls. 
They even asked if they could bring them with us when we went on a nature walk this past weekend.  
I love seeing them bond together over dolls and I'd like to thank Mattel for creating a line of dolls that helped bring our girls together! 


My Favourite Kimono

I can't believe I've never owned a kimono before this one.
Kimono's are the perfect way to dress up any outfit.
I paired this floral kimono from Pink Blush with a pair of light ripped jeans and a basic white tank.
It's perfect for end of Summer/beginning of Fall where it is still warm throughout the days but nights are cool.


Back-To-School Pampering With Glama Gals

Somebody pinch me!
How are we almost through the first week of school?
I am officially mommy to a Grade 3, Grade 1 and Junior Kindergartner!!
I wasn't sure how this week would go, but aside from some minor meltdowns from being so tired from school, all is smooth sailing!
Luca is doing great at adjusting to his new routine and the girls are thrilled with their classes, teachers and friends!
Last week, I took the girls to Glama Gals Barrie for a little before school pampering.

The girls are at such impressionable ages, and taking them to Glama Gals before school started up was a perfect way to spend a little quality girl time and celebrate the wonderful young girls they are!
They brought their BFF Jayda a long to enjoy a little Back-To-School Special as well, which included a manicure, facial, washable rainbow hair streak and they even got to create their own pencil case and lip gloss!!

                               What I love most about Glama Gals is their positive brand messaging:

"Be Confident! Be Positive! Be you!"

Just in case you have never heard of Glama Gals before, I'll fill you in!
Glama Gals is a tween spa owned by sisters Laura & Josie, you may know them as @theggsisters.
Currently, there are 9 Glama Gals Locations in Ontario.
Each location offers themed spa services that are all about affirming a tween girl's positive spirit.
I know, amazing right?
They also host monthly work shops on self-esteem, anti-bullying and maintaining friendships.
I can't tell you guys enough how much I stand behind this brand and their messaging.
I actually started taking the girls when they were just little when the Newmarket, Ontario location opened and have been coming back ever since.
Kids today are exposed to much more than we ever were as kids, and as a result are suffering from low self esteem at very young ages which is why I am so happy to have a place like Glama Gals in our community that I can take the girls to to have a little fun with beauty but also remind them to empower them and celebrate their uniqueness.

I could go on, and on, about my love for Glama Gals but I'll leave you with some photos instead!
The Back-To-School special is on until September 15th!

To book an appointment click HERE.

Oh, and I wanted to share one quick thing that I thought was SO cool.

Glama Gals offers a program to girls ages 7-13 where they get to work as a Glama Gal for a day!
They get to work in the spa for 2 hours, get a certificate, a free t-shirt and more!
Emma (my 8yo)  kept saying she wished she could work at Glama Gals when she grew up so we were so excited when we found out about this program and will definitely be signing her up!

You can find more info about this program HERE.


A Letter To My Son On His First Day Of Kindergarten

Dear Luca,
In a couple of sleeps I will be sending you off to your very first day of kindergarten.
People keep asking me whether I'm sad or excited for you to be going to big boy school, and the answer is both.
You have such an incredible energy and it's going to feel really weird without you here during the day, but I am so excited to see you thrive in a new environment, because I know you are going to do so well.
There will be Lego to play with, friends to make and you even get this really cool thing called recess where you get to go outside and just run around with your friends in the sand pit outside (your favourite thing to do). 

You're a busy boy, and school will help you focus that energy on to amazing things like problem solving and building giant block towers.
I'm so excited to pack your lunches and go on field trips with you like my mom used to do with me.
I've loved being home with you these last four years (even if sometimes I tell you you're driving me crazy lol )
To be honest, all summer Ive been counting down the days until I'll finally be able to go into a store without you asking me to buy you ever chocolate and transformer you see, to be able to start working out again and taking care of myself for a change -  but now that the time is almost here I have this empty feeling inside.
I'm sure at school drop off you'll be running into that kindergarten pen, that your sister was so excited to graduate from just this past June, with so much excitement.
I know you'll be okay but mama might shed a few tears - I'll try to save them for at home where you can't see though.

I'll be waiting for you at the end of the day to embarrass you with the biggest hug in the world and a million questions you'll probably be too tired to answer, but that's okay.
I wish you the best first year of kindergarten baby big boy.
I know you're going to have the best time and make some mistakes a long the way that I know you'll learn from and make you an even better person than you already are.
Remember to treat everyone with kindness and to eat your veggies!

Mommy, Daddy & your two sisters love you to the moon and back!

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