Goals for 2018 & My Word Of The Year

Happy New Year!!!!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful NYE.
I had a little too much fun, had a few glasses too many and ended up in bed the whole first day of the year!
My first hangover since I was probably about eighteen haha.
I wasn't sure if I should share that embarrassing part of my evening, but I'm all about keeping it real on this little space on the web.

I love a good fresh start.
I'm a huge fan of Mondays for this very reason, so you can imagine how excited I get about a whole New Year!
2017 was one of the best years I've had in a long while and I can only anticipate for 2018 to be just as wonderful, if not better!
I like to choose a word of the year each New Year.
You can read about my word for 2017 in last years post HERE.
My word for 2018 is ADVENTURE.
I want to try new foods, see new places, learn new things! 
We have our longest family road trip ever planned for this Spring and I can hardly wait for it! 
It's kinda funny to say, since I chose a married life with a bunch of children, but deep down I am a free spirit.  
It's the Aquarius in me.
My kids and Husband are kind of free spirited too, and it's nice to try new things, see new cities and experience the world and different adventures with them!

I've also come up with a list of Goals I want to continue to work on in 2018.
I say continue to work on, because most of them I started working on last year. 

Be More Present
I've said this one a million times, but as sad as it is to admit, it's one of the goals I find more challenging. 
In the mornings the first thing I do is look at my phone, which can often lead into a 45 minute Instagram scroll. 
I only have a short time with the kids before they head off to school, so I want to make a plan where I leave my phone upstairs during our morning routine so I can be 100% present in the moment.

Meal Plan

A few days ago, I shared this post here which explained why we were cutting out Dairy & Gluten.
It's actually been a much easier transition than I thought it would be, but it definitely takes some planning ahead. 
 I want to set aside one day a week where I meal plan, and one day where I cook food for the week.


Set Schedules

In order to be successful, I need to set schedules for myself or I'm like a lost puppy.
I want to set a workout schedule, bedtime and morning schedule for myself to keep myself in check!

Practice and Exercise Gratefulness
A few months ago we started adding a new step into the kids night time routine.
Every night before we go to bed  Louis and I and the kids all say 3 things we are grateful for.
I think it's so important to be grateful and content with all that we have.
We are so lucky to live in a home, have family who love us, food to eat etc. but it is so easy to get caught up in the negatives.
This is awful to admit, but I can be pretty hard on myself and compare myself to others, out loud in front of the kids.
I've caught myself saying
"Our house is too small" and things such as this, where I should be grateful that I even own a home.
I want our kids to appreciate everything they have, but I also need to practice what I preach.

Be More Organized 

I am ridiculously unorganized!
As a busy mama of three, working mom and business owner - this is totally unacceptable.
I NEED to be more organized.
For me, this means things as simple as 
Doing One load of Laundry EVERY single day.
Being on a set schedule (as mentioned above)
Putting things away right away.
We also plan on doing a few home Renos to make our lives a little more organized this Spring.

Monthly Game Night With Friends
Because, I love my friends and need to make them a priority!
And board games are just the best excuse to put away our phones and really connect!

Family Dinners Once A Month
Why should we wait for special occasions to spend time with family?
I want to plan a monthly dinner with our parents to keep connected.

Date Nights Twice A Month & A Digital Calendar 
Last, but most certainly not least - DATE NIGHTS!
We are SO bad at sticking to our date nights.
So this year, we are going to plan our date nights a year in advance on a digital calendar that we both share.
I guess this is sort of a two in one goal, because this also means one goal is to start using a digital calendar on top of my regular planner so Louis can be on board with the planning :)

What are some of your goals for 2018?
 I would love to hear them!

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