Photo Highlights of 2017

Happy Friday! 
A few of you have been sending me DMs asking to share my highlights of 2017.
I went through my Instagram feed, since Instagram is basically just a highlight reel, and picked out some of my fave moments from 2017 to share here on the blog.

Upper Canada Mall Campaign

(See my post with The Keg here)

A little home makeover with Canadian Tire. 
See the before photos here.

I had the opportunity to work with some of my favourite brands and include some of my favourite people and loved ones in my work. 

Marshmello at WayHome

Vikram Vij (chef & dragons den) at Big Festival 

Issac Hanson of Hanson
(mmmbop if you need a memory refresh ;) )

Zac Hanson
 (the drummer and my first ever crush) 
signed my jacket and drew me a flower!

The girls got to meet famous Youtuber MayBaby

Audrey got to meet Splash and Boots! 

We got to meet some pretty cool celebs in 2017.

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I went on my very first Press Trip with some amazing bloggers! 

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I got invited back to the same City later on that summer - this time with my Fam Jam.

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I learned to love my body and take care of my health. 

Canada's Wonderland

    Spent our summer days at Canada's Wonderland 

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