Living Room Update & Honest Budget Talk

I was talking with a friend last night about Instagram, and how sometimes, it can make us feel like we're not enough. 
It seems like everyone and their mother has millions of dollars to renovate their homes and I often find myself scrolling the feed, thinking that I'm some huge failure in life, because I can't afford to gut my whole house and make my dream home. 
Sometimes I share these thoughts out loud with my family, which is usually a very good thing, because they bring me back down to reality real quick.
I'm twenty eight years old, with three kids, and no college education.
My husband and I worked our behinds off, said no to many fun nights out, vacations etc. in order to be where we are today, and I should be pretty darn proud of ourselves! 
I am a homeowner, a wife, and mother. 
I have SO much to be proud of, yet sometimes I find myself sucked into focusing on the negative.
My dad wasn't a homeowner until he was 33 years old  and my mom was in her 40's when she purchased her first home.
I still remember that first home my dad bought.
I was in grade five and we were all SO excited to have a place that was all ours.
I didn't care that the bedrooms had paisley shag carpet or that the kitchen was the size of some peoples walk in closets.
My dad worked his behind off to buy that home and we were all very proud of it.
I'm writing this post because, I want to share the raw, the real.
Life isn't easy when you have a young family.
It's easy to look around you, or scroll your feed, and think everyone is doing SO much better than you. 
But I just want to remind you not to compare yourself to others.
You don't know anyone else's situation but your very own.
Maybe the fell into money, or are in credit card debt up to their eyeballs.
You only can know your very own situation. 

I love the quote

"Don't compare your beginning to somebody else's middle"

I often have to remind myself of this.

We've been in our Current home almost 3 years now. 
I had big plans to renovate every inch of this house as soon as possible.
As much as I'd love to say goodbye to the green tiles in my bathroom, and tear out the super outdated kitchen, the reality is, as a young family on one income, we need to scrimp and save and do things slowly over time.
You know, like our parents used to do. 
Everyone wants everything right now (myself included), but unless I want to get into a big heaping pile of debt (been there, done that), slow and steady it is! 
And that is OKAY.

This November, I started working a seasonal job to bring in some extra money.
I've been working insane hours where I hardly see my hubby or my littles, but it has allowed us to put some money aside for a rainy day and refurnish our living room. 
I've been posting some sneak peaks on Instagram, but I wanted to share the bigger picture here on the blog.
I had to work my behind off to pay for this furniture. 
Extra hours, little sleep and even then, we didn't splurge.
We stuck to a budget and bought things from places like Ikea and Structube, that are a bit more budget friendly.
Up until this refurnish, we have been sharing ONE  three seater Couch in our home, as a family of FIVE, for the past FIVE years.
Our TV was on an old dresser.
And guess what, it didn't kill us! 
It sure did make us appreciate the sectional we now happily own though! 

Here are the photos of our Living Room Refurnish! 
The total cost coming in at around $2,000.

Sectional : $1,400
Coffe Table: $269 
Tv Unit:  $249
Pom Pom Cushions: $19 each



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