How To Update The Outside Of Your Home For Under $150

Happy Thursday!
I took a little break from the #40bagsin40days challenge today to bring you this post :)
A few days ago a friend from high school sent me a DM asking if I had any budget friendly ideas on updating the outside of a home.
It got me thinking, that I really need to tackle this area of my home this Spring as well so I sourced some of my favourite pieces.
Everything I chose is under $50 with most even under the $10 mark! 

What areas of your home are you hoping to update this Spring?

Days 1 & 2 of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

I am writing this on Day 3 of the 40 bags in 40 days challenge that I told you guys about in my last post.
I filmed a bit of my progress from Days 1 and 2 in a youtube video that I will leave at the bottom of the post.

So far, this challenge has been very eye opening only three days in.
I cannot believe how much stuff we have accumulated in our home! 
Especially since we make trips to the donation centre monthly! 

I guess when you have three kids though, the stuff just piles up without having time to notice.
I'm honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed today with ALL the stuff.

I am sitting here writing this instead of facing the mountains of stuff, because I needed a breather! 
Clutter majorly STRESSES me out.

I should have accumulated 3 bags by today but I have actually filled 7 bags already.
Some of those bags being garbage, but most of it I am either selling or donating.

Things I've learned about myself so far three days in:

1 - I don't let go of items as easily as I think I do. 
2- I need to try to give more experience gifts instead of things that just end up collecting dust on a shelf.
3- I'm pretty sure this is going to end up taking longer than 40 days! 

Get More Info On The #40BagsIn40Days Challenge over on White House Black Shutters


40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

Happy Valentine's Day! 
We actually celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday, because the kids go to Catholic school, and Ash Wednesday happened to fall on Valentine's Day this year for the first time since 1945.
This year we will be fasting for Lent by giving up negative thoughts/words.
We are going to give up hurting words and replace them with KIND words.
Hopefully this continues long past the 40 days of lent and becomes a habit.
We are also going to try to give back more over the next 40 days.
Today, I am starting the #40bagsin40daychallenge that Anne-Marie over at White House Black Shutters hosts every year during Lent.
You can head over to her blog to learn more about the challenge, but basically everyday for 40 days, you pick one area of your home to declutter.
This is a great way to get your home ready for Spring and give to those in need at the same time!

Here is a link to her challenge.

She has a great printable but I created my own list of rooms/items I will be decluttering over the next 40 days!
I am also going to be starting a NO SPEND CHALLENGE in March - so stay tuned for that! 

I hope you guys participate and follow along! 
I will be sharing here on the blog, instagram, twitter and facebook using the White House Black Shutters Hashtag #40bagsin40days.


How To Host A Mother/Daughter Galentine's Day Party & Blog Hop

I hosted a Mother Daughter Galentine's Day party and invited my best friend and her two girls who are the same ages as my girls.
The girls love celebrating holidays, and Valentine's Day is no exception, so it was a great excuse to throw a party!
My oldest daughter loved helping me set up the decor of the party.
We kept it very simple with a pink and white colour scheme.

If you guys read my post here, you know that we are eating dairy and gluten free so we wanted to make sure the party food was yummy but also kept these restrictions in mind.
I decided to go with a waffle bar which was super easy and a big hit! 
We used Vans Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles and had little ramekins of Coconut Whip Cream, Berries and Sprinkles for toppings. 



My friend, who blogs over at Chaos & Caffeine, brought a super cute Valentine inspired fruit dish and I filled Valentine Gift Bags with popcorn.
For drinks I just bought plastic wine glasses from Dollar Tree and Guava flavoured Jarritos for a fun pink drink for the kids.
For the Mommys we went with a bottle of sparkling white wine. 


Like I said above, I went super simple with the decor and got mostly everything at Dollar Tree.
The doilies, nail polish , gold love sign, balloons and sequence were all dollar finds! 

The only thing I really "splurged" on were the dozen roses.
For entertainment, Adriana brought over a fun BINGO game over for the kids that was a huge hit as well! 

I had so much fun hosting this Mother Daughter Valentines Day party and I think its going to become  a yearly tradition! 

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