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I have spent many of my days as a mother, locked in my bedroom, in a dark room, lying in bed, literally thinking to myself  “this is it”. The pain in my head so bad, it made me nauseous. I felt so guilty that I couldn’t be the loving mother I desperately wanted to be on these days I was bed ridden with the most intense headaches.  After lying down for 20 minutes or so, I would try to fight through the pain and get out of bed to be with my family, but with each step I took, it felt as if someone was taking a baseball bat to my brain.

Luckily, when the kids were really little, these headaches weren’t as frequent. As they got older, I was getting them sometimes 3 times a week. I remember as a kid my dad would come home from work and have to rush straight to his bed to be in the dark as he suffered from this pain as well. Sometimes they would be so intense he would be sick to his stomach. It was awful to watch my father in so much pain, and even worse knowing my kids had to experience the same with me. There have been many days that I have had to ask my oldest daughter to watch after her brother and sister so mommy could lie down in a dark room. On these days, as soon as daddy got home from work, he would take over all responsibilities because I was basically useless. My headaches were literally taking over my life. 

Until I reached out to my doctor, I was popping over the counter medication to try to help with the pain several times a week, with very little relief. It turns out I was suffering from migraines. 

Did you know that it’s estimated that nearly 2.7 million Canadians report living with migraines? Many people don’t seek help for their symptoms though – due to the use of over-the-counter medication – so this number is likely even higher.

If you have persistent headaches, it’s extremely important to get the right diagnoses. You can take a quiz at www.1in8haveit.ca to see if you may be suffering from migraines as well and then talk to your doctor about the results.

After seeing my doctor and making some lifestyle changes, I’m happy to report that I have gone from having sometimes 3 migraines a week to MAYBE once every few months. I’ve found that my migraine triggers are lack of sleep, stress and food intolerances. By getting enough sleep, doing a little self –care to de stress and eating a clean diet majority of the time I have been able to finally seek relief of my migraines. Every case is so different though, which is why seeking out the help of your doctor is crucial.  


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