Living Simply

Yesterday was the last day of school for these three!
On to grade 4, 2 and SK next year which I can't wrap my head around.
How did time go by so fast? I really did blink and here we are.

If I'm being completely transparent with y'all, the last couple years of motherhood have been tough on me. 
I felt exhausted and used up to the max. Motherhood was draining me emotionally and physically.
I dreaded the kids being home during the summer because I didn't know how I would find the energy to keep them entertained without me being completely and utterly exhausted.
Just like anything, it takes work to be a good mother.
I needed to work on myself so I could better serve my family. 
Thankfully, I have finally come out of my funk.
I want the kids to look back at their childhood with fond memories of me as their mother, not look back and remember me always being exhausted and stretched thing barely holding it together.
I have found ways this past year to recharge and take time for myself, my marriage and my friends to fill me back up.
"You can't pour from an empty cup" is something I had to remind myself of constantly. 
I spent the last two years trying to do it all, and it backfired miserably.
I didn't like the person, the mother, the wife I was becoming and I am so happy to have found myself again.
I had to refuel.
I started saying no to events and reminding myself that I can't, nor do I want to do it all.
I intentionally made time for myself, spending nights having hot baths and reading books. 
I took the time to go for walks and take care of my physical health.
I spent time praying.
I spent time getting to know my husband again and really connecting with him.
I am so looking forward to spending this summer with my family.
Not saying yes to too many things and enjoying the simple things in life like backyard water balloon fights and day trips to the beach. 
The simple life, really is the best life.

Denim Dress with Sneakers Outfit

I shared this cute summer look with you on Instagram a few days ago, and had so many questions about the dress so I linked it for you in my stories.

Unfortunately, it was out of a lot of yall's clothing budget, which I totally understand!
This dress was gifted to me from a family member and I have three kids to feed - so I totally get being on a limited clothing budget.

The denim dress is by Dex and it's on sale right now, so for those that can spend a little more, I've linked it below but I've also rounded up a bunch of really cute denim dresses (and a few rompers) that are perfect for Summer for under $50!

I love denim dresses because they are super casual (totally my style) and can be paired with a cute pair of sneakers so I can still keep up with the kids! 


Father's Day Gift Guide

There is still a little time left until Father's Day!
 I've put together a few gift ideas with a variety of price points to spoil your man.

Polaroid Camera - This may or may not be one of the gifts I selfishly buy so I can use it too haha
Nintendo Sweatshirt - Because I know my husband has spent countless hours playing Super Nintendo.
Swell Stainless Steel Bottle - This is a great gift for any guy! Drinking water is so important!
Vans Authentic Shoes - Because my man loves shoes just as much as I do!
Vans Hat - Because you can never own too many hats.
The Beatles T-shirt - This one is great for your music loving hubby or music loving dad!
Bose SoundLink II Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphones - These are out of my price range for Father's Day gifts, but if you're in the market for headphones and can splurge these are totally worth it! Amazing sound quality and I'm in love with the colour of these.
Monogrammed Toiletry bag - This is the perfect toiletry bag for men who travel!
Crosley Record Player - How gorgeous is this vintage looking record player from Urban Outfitters?!
Herschel Backpack- This bag is perfect for travel or a sleek looking gym bag! 
Google Mini - This is the perfect gift for your tech loving guy!

Photos From Our Drive To Bracebridge

A couple of weekends ago, we were feeling a bit wanderlust after our road trip to the states, that we we're feeling little antsy being at homeLouis suggested that we jump in the car and head up north for the day, so we did just that! I love that he is just as spontaneous as I am, and the kids are always up for new adventure! We decided to drive up to Bracebridge, Ontario which is about an north of us up in the Muskokas.

We found the sweetest little used book shop called The Owl's Pen that is family owned and operated.
They have two floors of used books and vinyl records.
I could've stayed for hours, getting lost in the pages of the books, but the kids were eager to see more so we settled on buying a book each! 
I have plans to go back on my own, sans kids, to take a look through their record collection. 

After we looked in a couple of shops, grabbed some lunch and ice cream, we went for a walk through the trails. 
Bracebridge has the most beautiful waterfalls that the kids loved walking by. 


Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

A few weeks ago, I went to see Jess of [Jes]Thetics for a set of eyelash extensions.
As someone with pretty small eyes, I've ben wanting to try these for a while.
I'm someone who can't leave the house without my mascara or people stop and ask me if I'm sick haha 

Those of you who know me well, know that sitting still and not talking are not my fortes haha
The only thing I was hesitant of before visiting Jess was lying still for 2 hours.
The time actually flew by though and when it was time to get up and see, I was blown away by my new lashes. 
I instantly felt like I just had a makeover, but in reality I wasn't wearing a drop of makeup.
I looked in my windshield mirror every red light on the way home, I was so in love with my new lashes haha 
A lot of you had sent me your questions on Instagram about the experience, care etc of eyelash extensions so I'm going to answer them for you below. 

Are they worth the money?
150% they are worth the money! 
An initial set of lashes is going to cost you $90 but to come back for a refill is only $45
I'm telling you though, eyelash extensions completely change your daily makeup routine. 
I can wake up in the morning and run out the door now without feeling the need to put on any makeup.

How often do you need to refill? 
Every 3-4 weeks depending on how well you care for your lashes.

What are the cons to having eyelash extensions?
For me, it was really hard to adjust to showing after getting my eyelash extensions. 
I'm used to getting in and rubbing my eyes with water as I wash my face, but with eyelash extensions this can damage the eyelashes. 

Is there a lot of care involved?
Not at all! They are very easy to care for actually. 
A little rinse with water and some brushing with the wand Jess gives you throughout the day and that's it! 

Can I still wear mascara and eyeliner?
Jess recommends not wearing any mascara, and there really isn't a need for it with eyelash extensions! 
I do wear eyeliner if I'm going out but I make sure that I'm extra careful when removing it, using an oil-free makeup remover and a q-tip.

I hope I answered all of your questions you might have on eyelash extensions.
If have any more questions feel free to ask in the comments below :)

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